Last Week On Food Republic

First up, congratulations to the winners of the Father's Day giveaway of Man With A Pan. The book's editor John Donohoe was on our new favorite radio show, Snacky Tunes, and we fully agree that men who participate more around the house — especially those who cook a lot — have much better sex lives. And congrats as well to Food Republic's giveaway of tickets to see Questlove from The Roots DJing at Red Rooster Harlem. Okay, on to last week's highlights:

  1. Food Republic unveiled a brand new sandwich, The Tuna Blob!
  2. Oh, and speaking of Red Rooster, sous chef Ed Hardy gave us amazing summer recipes for mint ice cubes and Mexican grilled corn, as well as tips for tailgating.
  3. Part 1 of our Classic Movie Drinking Scenes triggered some memories, with more to come in Part 2 tomorrow.
  4. Going to a dinner party? Bring this beer.
  5. It's Copper River Salmon Season, whatever that means.
  6. What to get Dad for Father's Day? Here's our 10 cents.
  7. Esquire's new men's cookbook published, and we've got two more recipes coming next week; but for now, this spaghetti with lobster recipe is worth a shot.
  8. In case you didn't get the memo, it's summertime. Good thing wine packaging is getting more portable!
  9. What's better than a burger? A stuffed burger. What's better than a stuffed burger? FIVE STUFFED BURGERS!
  10. A St. Louis restaurant critics set us straight about St. Louis barbecue.
  11. We bade farewell to the Food Pyramid with a record cover homage gallery.
  12. Did you know that just about anything that can be used as a grill? Now you do.