Meet The Tuna Blob

Adventuring away in the Food Republic test kitchen last Saturday, Editorial Director Richard Martin and I accidentally invented our new favorite sandwich. As I was chopping, mixing and bacon-ing, Richard offered to assemble the tuna melt. He hadn't found pre-sliced Muenster cheese at the supermarket, so he hacked away several thick, but passable shreds from a hunk and "re-arranged" them, orange rind facing out, into a slice on the open-faced sandwich. It looked great, I was sure once we broiled the cheese on top it would look just like any slice of Muenster. Boy were we wrong, and heavens was it tasty.

The excess cheese bubbled off the sandwich onto the foil (picking that off was divine), and the cheese that remained on the sandwich oozed right into the nooks and crannies of the tuna and exposed bread's surfaces as if it knew just where it belonged.

Post-shoot, staring at a table heavy with the weight of spectacular food, we realized the sandwich, aptly dubbed by Richard as "The Tuna Blob," was the only thing we'd finished entirely. Including all the crispy melted cheese off the foil. I actually probably ingested a small amount of foil as a result. And if that doesn't convince you that our sandwich of the week is truly worth taking 10 minutes to construct in your own kitchen, we fold.

The Tuna Blob: When a melt simply won't cut it.