Fried Clams Will Fill You Up

Are you a belly man, craver of creamy, briny gastrointestinal tract? Or do you prefer a good, toothsome strip? Do you chew or eschew the neck? And would you like fries with that? This New England signature summer treat, along with our dear, seasonal friend the lobster roll, is an homage to the abundance of seafood throughout the region. Since we've been enjoying the warm weather, the very thought of these crispy, succulent bivalves of the sand has been firmly planted in whichever part of the brain controls insurmountable cravings.

Whether you prefer your clams straight up, dunked in tartar sauce or ketchup or simply annointed with nothing more than a squeeze of lemon and a happy sigh, a satisfying lunch of fried clams is one of our favorite indicators that summer has arrived.

What's your favorite fried seafood spot? Share your secret in the comments below, we won't tell.