Getting High On Prometheus Springs Spice

I'm writing this drunk. Well, not drunk. I'm wired. But not on caffeine or sugar or something a little harder. I'm wired on heat. More specifically, the liquid heat packed into a bottle of Prometheus Springs Pomegranate Black Pepper Capsaicin Spiced Elixir. What's happening to my body (and did I mention I'm feeling pretty good right now?) is the capsaicin is forcing endorphins from my brain to the parts of my body that need to be happy. Capsaicin (I kept calling it Caspian) is the ingredient that makes chili peppers hot. It has no taste or smell. It just makes things hot. It's also a phytonutrient that increases circulation, boosts the immune system, and makes you feel really naturally high. We mentioned that.

The company was started by former advertising execs Rahul Panchal and Alexis Mincolla with the mission of becoming known as curious purveyors of spicy drinks. They're creative dudes, that's for certain. They know social media—early on the pair signed on with a national distributor to stock shelves in 200 stores across the country. Problem was, they didn't know which ones. Twitter led them to the case. One of the company's core values is "We are weird and we like it."

But subversive showmanship and a beefy Facebook page doesn't get bottles moving off the shelf — it's that spice and this rush of energy that continues to pulse through my body that has over 750 stores stocking the stuff. (Though, you should check this weird video link from the BevNet Live conference, where execs from Pepsi told Mincolla that his product was "too spicy" and not for the average person. What a bunch of pussies! Get real. They clearly weren't feeling this gooood).

No, really, the six flavors are all quite refreshing when served over ice. I'm partial to the lychee wasabi and pomegranate black pepper varieties. There's also a lot of applications for mixology, and not just spins on the Dark and Stormy, as well as some intriguing uses in recipes, such as Citrus-Cayenne poached halibut.

I'm starting to come down now. It had to end. It always does. But it's not really about that—being high on spice. I want to be high on life! At least until I get my taco fix this evening.