Ham And Cheese Sandwich

It may seem like just another humble marriage of tasty animal products, pig and cow respectively, but it's so much more. Imagine opening your lunchbox in elementary school, unwrapping your sandwich, peering inside, and seeing a stripe of orange on top of pink. Mom packed ham and cheese. You're happy, right?

As American as the combo comes off, ham and cheese, aka jambon-fromage, jamon y queso, smörgås skinka och ost, prosciutto e panino al formaggio, or any other cultural incarnation, is just as universally loved as the familiar small-town cold cut creation. This is the stuff picnics are made of. Like mayonnaise on yours? That's allowed, as is mustard. As always, they're not mutually exclusive. Prefer your ham in paper-thin slices or thick and hearty, carving station-style? We have no problem with either, and whether you go the well-traveled cheese route of American singles or delve into muenster, Swiss or — dare we suggest — pepper jack territory, this sandwich is a tried and true classic we'll be digging into shortly.

How do you make your ham and cheese sandwich? Share your ham and cheese hacks in the comments.