Broccoli Sub

We have previously discussed No. 7 Sub shop founder and chef Tyler Kord, but we didn't delve quite deeply enough into the reasons why he is referred to as the Willy Wonka of sandwiches.

At the No. 7 Sub Shop, nothing is quite what it seems and the fillings are often fantastical. The unexpected sandwich fillings range from ceviche to soft-boiled fried eggs. A fried clam sandwich goes beyond the seafood shack staple with the addition of roasted leek mayonnaise and pickled strawberries. Yes, pickled strawberries. He also pickles blueberries to top a brie sandwich, the tartness and acidity of the fruit cutting through the richness of the cheese. Lamb gets topped with mint jelly and peanut butter. Short ribs get daikon salad and a coconut mayonnaise. Even bologna gets dressed up with a parsnip mole and pumpkin seeds.

But it's the broccoli that moves No. 7 Sub Shop into Sandwich of the Week territory here at Food Republic. It's a rare chef that can make a simply prepared vegetable the sort of thing you'd come back for time and time again, but Kord does it not once but twice. Actually, three times if you count the weirdly addictive broccoli mayo that pops up periodically. At breakfast there is a broccoli, egg, and cheese sandwich with melty smoked Gouda and a Thai basil pesto. The rest of the day the draw is the Broccoli sub, which gets ricotta salata, lychee, and pine nuts. In both cases, the roasted broccoli is crunchy and perfectly salted and tender without being mushy.

In other words, completely worthy of sandwich of the week.

Got a favorite No. 7 Sub or your own candidate for the sandwich of the week? Let us know in the comments.