Grilling Basics Part 2: The Perfect Sear

Achieving a smoky char and sear for your meat is the key to good BBQ, and you'll want to perfect those aesthetically pleasing, juice-sealing hatch marks. How to get those right? Follow our easy directions:

How to get the perfect sear:

Getting the perfect sear involves prepping your grill and your protein or vegetable before it hits the grates. First, your steak or fish or peppers or squash should be patted dry and then lightly oiled to avoid having to scrape it off the grates. Your grill must be clean and seasoned to prevent your food from sticking. Next, be sure your grill is preheated. If you place a protein on a grill that is not hot enough it will need to stay in place longer for that sear. Start with high heat to achieve a great sear, and then lower to medium to cook to your desired doneness.

How to get perfect hatch marks:

If you are looking for perfect hatch marks, prepare your food item and grill as above. Place the item on the hot grill for about 2 minutes, and then turn the item 45 degrees, so that the lines cross, and continue to cook for 2 more minutes or until the grill marks are to your liking. Then flip the item and repeat.

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