Prawning In Singapore

Prawning may not quite satisfy guys who relish the subtle techniques and fancy equipment that come with fly or bass fishing. If you find yourself in Singapore between April and November, however, skipping out on this popular weekend pastime would be a crime.

When prawns are in season, locals grab a few 6-packs and head to ponds and parks specially designated for this type of fishing. For around $15 an hour, you get a rod, bait, net, and a plastic bag to bring home your catch. Or, simply throw those shrimp on the barbie provided at the pond. Either way, you're in for a relaxing, seasickness-free afternoon with a much higher success rate than say... the last time you went fishing.

The key, as with all catch-it-yourself endeavors, is patience. Bait your hook – prawn ponds usually provide chicken livers or hearts – dip your rod into the pond to see where the bottom is and adjust your float accordingly. You'll see it go vertical when your bait hits the floor.

When the float bobs or you feel a slight tug, slowly pull the rod up to make sure you've hooked it, then flick your wrist and pull the little guy up. Be careful, they're prawns, not fish, and can easily go flying into the personal territory of your neighbor if you yank too hard. Another local tip: If it struggles, let it put up a fight – a tired prawn is less likely to get away.

Now comes the fun part: Those things have serious pincers and can get aggressive when hooked. Using clippers or scissors provided at the site, cut the claws away. This will make it a lot easier to get the hook out. That done, toss the prawn in the net, re-bait, crack open a celebratory brew, and in a few tranquil hours (provided you get the hang of pincer removal) you should have enough plump, meaty shellfish for a veritable feast.

Where to go:

Lakeside Fishing Village

9, Japanese Garden Rd

Singapore 619228

Tel: +65 6266-5868

Yishun Bottle Tree

81 Lorong Chencharu, Yishun, at Bottle Tree Park Village

Singapore 769198

Tel: +65 6759-5771

Pasir Ris Town

Pasir Ris Drive 1, Pasir Ris Town Park

Singapore 510001

Tel: +65 6585-0584

Punggol Prawning

Marina Country Club, 600 Punggol 17th Avenue

Singapore 829734

Tel: +65 6310-1012