Tin's Italian Combo Sandwich

Shea Gallante is one of those chefs whose resume actually makes your mouth water. Before opening Ciano last year in NYC's Flatiron district, he helmed the kitchen at CRU, worked at Bouley in Tribeca, and helped Lidia Bastianich earn lots of stars at Felidia.

Now Gallante's running his own show, however, and the executive chef and partner in the farmhouse-like Ciano is getting creative. For lunch service, he's rolling out a variety of limited-edition sandwiches. At the moment, for another week or so, hungry New Yorkers might want to stop in and sink their teeth into this beauty. The Tin's Italian Combo is two slices of ├╝ber-fresh focaccia sandwiching sumptuous porchetta, the spicy cured salami known to Italian food aficionados as sopressata, shaved fennel, and apple.

But that's not all! This sandwich is topped with a horseradish root and radish red wine vinegar. If you can make it to Ciano and try it yourself, let us know what you think in the comments. And if you aren't anywhere near NYC and you just wanna gawk at this delicious-looking thing, that's cool too.