Miami Food Trucks Hit A Bump In The Road

The Miami street food scene is one of the fastest growing in the country. Each week a new food truck seems to take to South Florida's streets, offering gourmet versions of favorite street foods. There are so many food trucks in fact, that they've started spontaneous meet-ups, creating a sort of mobile food court in various neighborhoods around the city.

These new meet-ups, however, might come to a screeching halt on some Miami streets due to a new ordinance passed by the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners.

Last week, the Board passed an ordinance by a vote of 7-1 that will limit when these meet-ups are allowed to occur, and in which neighborhoods. It will also require permitting based on whether a majority of a community approves of the truck meet-ups. Food truck owners from popular trucks like Ms. Cheezious and Latin Burger attended, in hopes of convincing city officials to show leniency.

Food truck rights are a hot-button topic in a number of urban centers. In Miami, as in other cities, food trucks typically broadcast their location via twitter or on websites like, which tracks food trucks and keeps tabs with a daily location tracker. More recently, the trucks have been joining forces for these meet-ups, which is challenging the ways that cities legislate food truck permitting. What will happen in Miami remains to be seen, but it may soon be harder to get that taco or burger on the go.