Health Tip: Drink Lemon Water

It's a gloomy day in New York City, with rain scheduled for at least the next 57 days. Okay, maybe only seven days, but still. I mean, what is this, Seattle? So we're in search of ways to keep our spirits up, and luckily, we came across The 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water post on LifeMojo.

Amongst the benefits listed are that lemon water is good for the stomach, skin, teeth, and throat. It's helpful in losing weight, controlling high blood pressure, reducing fever, and treating respiratory disease.

All well and good, but for us, the 2 Benefits of Lemon Water are that it's dirt cheap—you can buy two lemons for like a buck, cut 'em up, and squeeze the slices in a glass of tap water—and it's just a little splash of sunshine on day when the sky is grayer than an elephant's butt.