Practical Products: The Jetbag Wine Pack

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Yes, Osama bin Laden is dead, but that doesn't mean airport security has eased up any. For those of us who like to bring back hard-to-find wines from places we visit, this means taking a chance on packing bottles in a hard suitcase—we've previously recommended using laundry from your trip to give your wines a layer of protection.

Now, there's the JetBag, a padded sleeve that fits over most wine bottles, as well as some liquor and beer bottles. The product was launched a few years ago as Wine Diaper, in part because the filler material that's used for the protective padding is similar to that found in disposable diapers. Fortunately, the family-owned business changed up its branding strategy and re-launched as JetBag.

The JetBag is light and affordable—a set of 3 costs about 15 bucks—and can make that return flight a lot less worrisome. Nobody likes to open their suitcase at the end of a trip to find out that a bottle of Bordeaux has cracked open and stained everything inside red. Same goes for that obscure mezcal bottle from Mexico or that Russian vodka or Czech beer. JetBag can't guarantee that the sleeve will withstand the blows from zealous baggage handlers, but store your bottles in these bags, zip 'em up, place them in a hard suitcase, and you've got a better chance of arriving at your destination with your precious liquids intact.

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