Fiber, It Does A Body Good

Fiber is like the elusive hot girlfriend your buddy always seems to have. She makes you nervous and only talks to you on occasion and when she does you always make it weird. I know you. You just aren't the type of guy who has fiber in your life on a consistent basis. I used to be just like you! But now I get fiber anytime I want and you can too! It's so easy, and the first lesson is it starts with you. You have to believe you are worthy having of fiber in your diet. Then you have to not care about fiber you can't go chasing it down, fiber wants you to be confident about it. So here are my tips for you start getting quality fiber on a daily basis.

Go into your local grocery store, walk straight to the produce section. Remember be confident. Go over to the apples grab a whole bag of them mix and match 'em. Remember you have to think, "I am worthy of good bowel movements!"

Now march right over to the blueberries, don't even think about hesitating when you are approaching juicy, crisp Asian pears or the raspberries or heck the oatmeal section. Pick up that can of rolled oats and read that ingredients label. Remember, the less chemicals the better.

Follow these steps and it works like magic! You no longer have to sit by and watch your friends even out their cholesterol level, lower their risk of heart disease, and have normal blood pressure! So breakfast is covered but let's say you want more fiber! Stroll into the burrito spot for your lunch break and tell them to give you a big burrito with black beans! Or frijoles negroes if you really want to be sexy! Take a side of guac-o-mole (said in a deep sexy voice) ,then the next day you grab a falafel — Middle Eastern chickpeas have some of the best fiber in the world!

Now this is enough for most beginners to get started. If you want my full course where I cover getting some real high quality fiber, the kind you only see in magazines like quinoa, and red lentils. It's just a few easy payments of $99.99!


The Fiber Master

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