Procrastinator's Breakfast Smoothie

I always seem to do things at the last minute. I hit the snooze button within an inch of its life. I'm the guy who shows up late to the party... like really late. I'm often late to meetings and this has seemed to develop over time, as if somehow the older I get the more my lateness accumulates. By the time I'm an old man, they will have to schedule things days in advance.

Anyway, this 11th-hour lifestyle, while invigorating, can leave one feeling rushed at mealtime. My mother would always say, "Slow down! He eats like he got a train to catch." It seems now my body is telling me to "slow down" in the same tone as mother used to, only the language is heartburn. I'm like, "WTF! Body, I thought we had a deal here?" As we age though, our bodies need a more refined fuel; like a car it needs less low-grade cheap and quick stuff from the 7-11 and more hybrid or even fuel cell technology.

What does that mean for our diets? I'm talking smoothies and superfoods, or as I like to call them, super-smoothies!

What are superfoods? They are foods that naturally contain concentrated amounts of of certain important nutrients or antioxidants. The antioxidant-laden acai berry launched a cottage industry. Maca, goji, cocoa, bee pollen, and even the less exotic superfoods, the ones under our noses like blueberries and flax seed, are all clean energy-burning fuel for your body. One of my favorite speedy ways to inject these natural forms of crack into my body is via a great super-smoothie. Here is my current fav recipe.

Because nobody judges when you gulp down a smoothie.

1 cup almond milk

1/2 cup OJ

1 banana frozen, peeled

1 tablespoon raw cocoa nibs

Sweeten to taste with cane sugar

Combine all ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Pour into a to-go cup and that's breakfast!

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