The great state of Texas is the nation’s biggest cattle ranching state, so it’s not surprising that we found this week’s burger of the week while on a drive through Texas Hill Country. Aside from cattle, the Hill Country is developing into a serious wine and dining destination—according to some travel studies, Hill Country is the fastest-growing wine tourism destination in the U.S., just behind the more famed Napa Valley. 

The source for today’s burger, The Fredericksburg Herb Farm, is a functioning herb farm founded in 1882. While smaller than it was back then, there still are flats and fields of fragrant herbs, and a spa that makes use of herbal remedies. But we were there for the burger.

The restaurant makes use of the surrounding herbs. Part of what makes this burger such a standout is that flecks of parsley, basil, and chives are mixed in with the ground meat. The beefy burger is thick, moist, and cooked to a perfect char. It’s then nestled into a house-made gouda peppercorn bun, along with baby lettuce from the farm, thinly shaved red onions, and some melted American cheese. And two pieces of thick house-smoked bacon. But it doesn’t stop there. The final touches are some Dijon mustard spread on the bottom bun and a roasted garlic mayonnaise slathered on the top bun.It all adds up to Texas-style maximum burger happiness. 

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