How To Hold A Knife

Holding your knife correctly makes everything you do in the kitchen more enjoyable; it's also the key to kitchen safety. The chef's way to hold a knife may feel a little odd at first, but it will allow you to speed through your prep work. Keep in mind that a sharp knife will do half your work for you. A dull blade requires more force both to hold it and to chop with it. The blade should do most of the work, not your arm.

  1. Take your thumb and index finger and pinch the base of the blade of your knife where it runs into the handle. Your thumb should stay resting on one side, while your index finger holds it firm on the other side.

  2. Wrap your other three fingers around the handle, leaving your thumb and first finger gripping the heel of the blade.
  3. Hold the food to be cut in your other hand, curling your fingers under themselves to keep them out of the way of the chopping blade.

Holding your knife this way may feel awkward at first, but this grip will give you more stability and control when you're cutting. Once you're comfortable with it, we promise increased chopping speed will come.

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