Top 10 Quotes Last Week On Food Republic

  1. "We're highly aware that we have to do the right thing. I have a 20-year lease on my restaurant. I want to make sure that I have fish in it."—Chef Michael White, talking about why sourcing for his Italian restaurant Marea is so important
  2. "If I'm recognized, typically the servers will trip all over themselves trying to refill my water glass after every sip. Sometimes you just want to shake your head: Do you people have any baseline of what good service would be, or is it just a continuum from oppression to neglect?"—Minneapolis food critic Dana Moscowitz Grumdahl on trying to review restaurants anonymously
  3. "Hip or not, back on its home turf, the 700-year-old brandy Armagnac has enough fiercely loyal grassroots supporters to beat vodka in a street fight any day."—Nora Maynard on the cult spirit Armagnac from Southwest France
  4. "Overall, the beneficial effects of eating fish to prevent heart disease outweigh any harm related to prostate cancer risk."— Theodore M. Brasky, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Hutchinson Center's Cancer Prevention Program, discussing findings that fish high in omega-3 fatty acid may cause prostate cancer
  5. "My brother was a farmer for many years and worked on local farms that supplied meat to our local butcher. The meat on our table was invariably from livestock that my brother tended to. Why would you eat food that has travelled for days circulating the world when you can eat food from up the road?"—Menswear designer Simon Spurr on eating locally
  6. "The original bock was brewed in the 14th century in the German town of Einbeck. The Bavarian pronunciation of einbeck is ein bock—a billy goat. Thus, many bock beers' labels proudly feature that creature."—Joshua M. Bernstein, writing about maibock beers to drink right now
  7. "It's best in cocktails. It's more spicy, more peppery, more earthy... and not as sweet as bourbon. It's what they've always used in cocktails: Manhattans, Old-fashioneds. It's made a big comeback recently with the young people and the mixologists."—Jimmy Russell, who began distilling whiskey in 1954, on the resurgence of rye
  8. "Italians call it pancetta. Americans call it bacon. We call it delicious."—Jared Levan on 8 ingredients every man should have in his kitchen at all times
  9. "Gathering ramps is an all-encompassing sort of experience. While you are picking through one patch you start eyeing the next in a trance-like state."—Chef Ed Hardy on foraging for ramps along the Virginia-West Virginia border
  10. "The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves."—Comedian W.C. Fields, quoted in How To Make Perfect Pancakes on Food Republic