UPDATE: Barca wins 2-0. An ugly match, but a win nonetheless.

Here at Food Republic HQ, we’re almost as obsessed with soccer as we are with food and drink. Which is why today’s Champions League semifinal between fierce rivals Real Madrid and Barcelona got us thinking about the only thing that comes close to mattering about this other than the outcome: Spanish food and wine.

But before we talk Rioja and Manchego, let’s look at what’ll happen on the pitch. It’s sure to be one of the more memorable soccer contests of the year, as even the lead-up was entertaining. Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola reportedly dissed his counterpart from Real Madrid, the legendary manager Jose Mourinho, saying, “Mourinho is the coach with more titles and prestige. On the field I try to learn a lot from him. Off it, not much.” El Zing-o!

At any rate, we are hoping for a Barcelona-Manchester United showdown. And we’ll probably get it. And then we’ll have a Food Republic Food Showdown: Spanish v. English.

Until then, let’s take a look at some of the Spanish food and drink offerings on Food Republic:

Who do you think will win the Champions League match between Barcelona and Real Madrid? Tell us in the comments.