Elsa Pataky's Best Man–Cooked Meal

Spanish stunner Elsa Pataky is the newest addition to the ever-expanding The Fast and the Furious franchise and can be seen in this month's Fast Five, opposite Vin Diesel. Born and raised in Madrid, Pataky brings some much needed spice to this latest installment, which was shot in Rio de Janeiro.

Patakys has also been known to heat up her kitchen, where she turns in tapas for Thanksgiving Turkey and TLC with her husband (star of the upcoming blockbuster Thor, actor Chris Hemsworth). Fast Five opens nationwide in the US on April 29.

What's the best meal a guy's ever made you and why?

This last Thanksgiving I ate the best turkey in my life, and coming from an Australian man it's almost a miracle. The best ingredient is all the love my husband put in it. My mission was to make the gravy... I didn't have any idea how to cook it, so I had to call my mum and I did something between a Spanish soup and a strange American dressing.... with a lot of love of course!!

Is there a story behind this meal?

Oh yeahhhh!! The good thing about making a turkey is that you have to wait for a few hours, meanwhile...

Why was it your favorite?

Because it's really amazing to share some time with your man in the kitchen... very sexy and romantic... just try it!

What was the ambience?

It was very nice and romantic till it turned smelly. We took the turkey out of the bag and it broke, so all the spicy water was all over the kitchen.

What's your description of a perfect night?

Just spending it with the person you love, whenever, wherever, whatever.

Does your man need to have culinary skills?

If he does it's cool of course but it's not mandatory. I prefer him to dominate other skills....

Where did you grow up?

In Madrid, Spain.

What are a few of your all-time favorites restaurants and why?

  • One is El Lando in Madrid because before you even sit they already have the best jamón (ham) and pan yumaca (bread with tomato) on the table. It's my favorite thing.
  • Via Veneto in Santa Monica, for the best pumpkin ravioli in town.
  • K- ZO in Culver City is my favorite Japanese.

What's your character like in Fast Five? Do you identify with her?

She is a police officer, very strong, perseverant, a smart woman. She is very brave and fights for the things she believes in and she's always honest. She has to survive in a men's world but without losing her feminine side. I identify a lot with her. I love those kinds of personalities. They never give up.

Gentlemen, what's the best meal you've cooked for a woman? And ladies, what's the best meal a man's ever cooked you? Let us know in comments.

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