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Dear Dannielle, I’m convinced that Easter has become less a holiday and more an excuse for Christian mothers to guilt their children into visiting, even though they never made a big deal about it when we lived with them. Well, this year my mom decided she and Pops are just going to show up at my place Sunday morning. What in the world am I supposed to feed them? Thanks, Bamboozled Bob Dear Bamboozled, We all agree that on most occasions, simplest is best, but nowhere is this a more appropriate mantra (along with “Serenity Now!”) than where guerilla parental visits are concerned. So I’m going to make you a list of acceptable Easter brunch items, and you can pick as many or as few as you like to quickly assemble, and you might even distract your folks from the familiar, “When are you getting married?” line of questioning. Good luck, stay strong, and Happy Easter!

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