Music Meets Food At Coachella

Friday kicks off the summer outdoor concert season with the massive three-day Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Truth be told though, with this whole food is the new rock meme floating around—some may call it a cultural shift, though James Murphy wouldn’t agree—there’s a chance Coachella will morph into a full-blown food festival in the coming years. (San Francisco’s Outside Lands Festival is basically already there.) With over 50 food vendors hitting Indio, California this weekend (complete list at the bottom, including farmer's market vendors to serve campers) we took a look at some of the more interesting picks. And if you’re at Coachella and found time to eat something great (or even shitty) between Twin Shadow and Kanye sets, let us know @foodrepub. LA’s Greasy Weiner truck has embarked on their self-proclaimed Magical Weiner Tour, where they will serve their famous bacon dogs (hence the mildly sketchy name of the venture). The signature Bomb is an all-beef hot dog wrapped with hickory smoked bacon and topped with chili, cheese and sautéed onions. LA/Austin/NYC ice cream sandwich architects Coolhaus will be parked in the VIP area serving a selection of their pre-fab flavors like Frank Behry (sugar cookies, strawberry ice cream) and Mintamilism (chocolate cookie and mint ice cream). Co-owner Natasha Case tells us her cart will also be selling Thai and Vietnamese iced coffee and horchata. So if you’re blessed with a VIP laminate, you’re not only getting a closer look at Animal Collective doing their new material all crazy like. You get some very good ice cream too. So Cal’s Texifornia Tamales—vets of Stagecoach and Phish Festival 8—have two booths. One in the campground and a 20-foot stall in the venue. They’re known for, you guessed it, Tex-Mex tamales. Apparently nothing pairs with 100+ degree dry desert air and a Death From Above 1979 reunion like barbecue! Harry’s Barbecue does Oklahoma-styled ribs cooked low and slow in a Southern Pride smoker. Los Angeles food truck badass Roy Choi of Kogi will serve his Korean bbq tacos stuffed with short rib, spicy pork, or tofu. Mr. Cecil’s, which was originally opened by a movie executive turned ‘cue lover, does St. Louis-style ribs—meaning pork-only with lots of sticky sauce. Complete list of food vendors and farmer’s market participants at Coachella 2011: VENDORS/TRUCKS AVOCADO HOUSE BELLA LUNA COFFEE BEN & JERRYS BOMBAY STATION BORDER GRILL FOOD TRUCK CA POP CULTURE CLIFFHOUSE COOLHAUS TRUCK CREATIVE BLEND DOUGH DOUGH'S EARTHLY DELIGHTS EVENT SPECIALISTS FAMILY A FAIR / PINKS HOT DOGS FISHERMANS MARKET FREEBIRDS FULL OF LIFE FLATBREAD GET SHAVED TRUCK GISELLE'S CATERING TRUCK GOURMET FAIRE GREASY WIENER FOOD TRUCK GREEN TRUCK HARRY'S SMOKEHOUSE ICE OF PARADISE COYOTE CORNER / JAVAGOGO JOHNNY MCGUIRE'S KOGI BBQ FOOD TRUCK LAMRON BBQ LAS CASUELAS LEM N MAN LENO'S RICO TACO LONGSHOT COFFEE MR. CECILS PENNYS CREATIVE CONCESSIONS PEPPERS THAI PIE FOR THE PEOPLE! / So many roads catering RUTH'S CHRIS STEAKHOUSE S&R THAI SAMBAZON SHRIMP PIMP FOOD TRUCK SPENCER MACKENZIE SPICY PIE SWEET LEAF CAFÉ TANTES TEXIFORNIA TAMALES THAI BBQ THE BEAN (HEIMARK SELECT BEVERAGE) THE EGGROLL PEOPLE THE ORIGINAL BERRIE KABOB TWO GUYS WAFFLEMAN WEST COAST EVENTS WIKI WIKI KAU KAU FARMER'S MARKET SAGE MOUNTAIN FARMS WONG FARMS T&D FARMS BELLAVADO PUDWILL BERRY FARM FARQUAR FARMS MORNINGSTAR RANCH BAUTISTA DATES JAIME FARMS FARMERS DAUGHTERS OLD GROVE ORANGE TEMECULA HONEY / WINCHESTER CHEESE NICOLAU FARM L'ARTISAN BAKERY