Miele And Reidel's Wine Glass Dishwasher

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. People who sip from fine crystal should leave the dishwasher alone. So the saying went before Nick Ord, CEO of Miele USA, made it his personal challenge to create a dishwasher Riedel Crystal would approve.

The Futura Diamond dishwasher series from Miele debuts in June and features 20 models of 18- and 24–inch dishwashers specially designed to fit and properly wash wine glasses and decanters. Ord, a Brit and a die-hard beer man himself, not only got Reidel to give its seal of approval, but he tricked out the new Miele dishwashers so that they can also be used to chill beer glasses (even tall Pilsner glasses) and martini glasses.

Some models also feature RemoteVision, a WiFi link that alerts Miele reps if anything is not functioning properly with the dishwasher.

There's more info from the author here on Roaming By Design.

Do you wash your wine glasses in the dishwasher or are you a hand washer? Speak up in the comments.