Every day this week we are examining a different cut of beef for you and exploring the best way to cook each cut. Going through the cow cut by cut we have already covered the chuck, rib, and loin sections. Today we give you the sirloin.

Day 4: The Sirloin Section

The sirloin is found in the hip region of the beef, between the short loin and the round section. The sirloin is comprised of several different muscles of the pelvic area. These cuts are a little less tender than those from the rib and loin, but they are flavorful. Meat from this section tends to be cheaper than the rib or short loins, making it a good value.

Tri-Tip Roast Roast, Grill, or Broil
Tri-Tip Steak Grill, Broil Saute, or Stir-fry
Top Sirloin Steak, Boneless, aka London Broil Grill, Broil, Saute, Stir-fry
Sirloin Steak Grill, Broil, Saute

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