The Carnivore Vegan Dating Divide

Spring is in the air and you never know with whom you might fall in love. Let's say a vegan meets a carni, omni or even a pescavore? How will that work? Well every good thing has its challenges and first dates are pretty much always awkward no matter what the dietary discussions may be. So here are some navigational tips for you lovebirds.

For the non-vegan:

Remember that seasoned vegans don't like to just talk about being vegan. I know I don't, and there is no need to rehash my whole history. No, I don't miss Big Macs. Yes, I do miss a nice shoe.

Here are some ways you can keep it normal around vegans:

  • Well... act normal! We consume and love food just like you.
  • Be thoughtful and call ahead to the restaurant. Many restaurants offer vegan options these days, even places you might not expect like Johnny Rockets. And if they don't, ask some questions: Do they use chicken stock in items like veggie soup and beans? Do they have chickpeas in the kitchen? (They're an excellent source of protein and great addition to pasta or veggie stir fry.) Is the chef open to making foods off the menu?

For the vegan:

  • Have a small snack before if you are going out to an unfamiliar restaurant and assume that your date has not read this post (or better yet, forward a link to him or her!). This way you can have the salad and be satisfied enough to have a good convo.
  • Don't show up with PETA pamphlets in your pockets. Relax. Food is like religion: Nobody, except maybe the choir, likes to be preached to.
  • Create a safe space to pounce on your love interest. Bring them into your home and prepare an awesome meal with good wine. Cook up a nice seitan. This way you are on your home turf and you can educate by example.

In either situation you should set up yourself for the perfect moment. Get a quick breath check and go in for the magical first kiss.