The 5 Best Music Food Blogs

It was only a matter of time before road-bound musicians started blogging about their on-the-go dining experiences. What's surprising is the quality of some of the upstart websites that merge culinary and musical cred. Here's our five favorite music and food blogs. Bon appétit and rock on.

  1. Songs for Eating and Drinking: This site, a collaboration between restaurateur Michael Hebb (Hebberoy, Fish Fry) and savant photographer Chase Jarvis, is dedicated to a project which brings musicians together to eat and drink and then to share their talents. Recent guests to this table include David Bazan, Mudhoney, and Kevin Murphy of Moondoggies.

Culinary Cred: Michael Hebb braises his ribs with chicken stock, crushed tomatoes, chipotles, Worcestershire sauce, some mango scraps, garlic, onion, and fresh bay leaf.

  • The Crème-Brû-Log: Musicians M. Ward and Jim James (of My Morning Jacket) not only teamed up with Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst in the supergroup Monsters of Folk, but recently collaborated on a web site dedicated to another on their shared passions, crème brûlée. The site isn't updated often, so let's hope they are keeping busy in the studio or just waiting to be inspired by "what an egg, whipped into shape, can become," but it's worth a check-in to read up on their latest finds.
  • Culinary Cred: M. Ward recommends the crème brûlée at Dario's Brasserie in Omaha ("the best CB I've had in the USA," he proclaims).

  • Matablog: Matador, the record label that has issued musical masterpieces by Pavement, Sonic Youth, and Kurt Vile, frequently features dispatches on food from its touring musicians and its cast of culinary curiosity-seekers. It is not uncommon to find an exploration of the grandness of chicken tiyal, or a recipe for stir-friend minced beef with chilis and holy basil (Thai food is their thing) while reading the Matablog.
  • Culinary Cred: The Matablog recommends chef Ruth Rogers's spaghetti carbonara.

  • Taste on Tour: The Avett Brothers cellist, Joe Kwan, has a website that will make you wonder if his first love is music or actually food. Mr. Kwan blogs about restaurants or his in-kitchen creations, with the type of purpose you don't usually find in a side project.
  • Culinary Cred: Kwan created a signature sandwich for the Laurel Market in Charlotte, NC.

  • This site makes the list because you'll frequently find the Beasties veering off of hip-hop to to debate whether they are more excited for sausage pancake bites from Dunkin Donuts of Jimmy Deans Pancake and Sausage on a stick, or to discuss how to brew a cafe macchiato to perfection. Bonus points for Beastie Boy Mike D, a noted wine enthusiast who blogs for the wine site
  • Culinary Cred: The Beastie Boys recommend coffee from Abraco, La Colombe, and Stumptown while in NYC Mike D shouts out the 2006 Jean-Marc Morey Santenay La Comme Dessus pinot noir.

    SuperExtraBonus reading: Epicurean Musician, Food Is The New Rock, and Immaculate Infatuation all are highly recommended food-obsessed blogs that regularly feature musicians talking about, what else? Food!

    Did we miss your favorite music food blog? Tell us in the comments.