The Great Mayonnaise Debate Rages On

Here at Food Republic HQ, we tend to get overheated when we discuss controversial food subjects. The other day, GM Nate and Editorial Director Richard butted heads over the touchy topic of mayonnaise.

Like a lot of people out there, Nate feels that mayo's consistency is, in his words, "downright disgusting." Richard admits to have had a fleeting relationship with mayo, but he's recently come around to see its benefits. What would a BLT be without mayo, or a tuna melt(!), and how about the occasional French-style treatment of fries, dipping in either just mayo or mayo and ketchup. Delicious!

Not so, argues Nate, who sees a vast mayonnaise conspiracy, "where everybody always just assumes that you want mayonnaise with things, so even if you ask for a hamburger without anything on it, it will still come with mayonnaise."

Nate goes on to add that he'll approve of mayo only in egg salad, which he'll eat twice a year or so. Whatevs, Nate. Richard points out that his girlfriend recently rocked his world with a twist on the egg sandwich. She put an over-easy egg with a piece of lettuce on toasted bread coated in a thin layer of mayo, and Richard loved this sandwich so much he vowed he'd never speak ill of mayo again.

That's the take here at Food Republic HQ, but we wanna give you the last word, so chime in on The Great Mayo Debate in comments, then head over to Bragging Rights for Food Republic's homemade mayo recipe.