Welcome To Food Republic

Welcome to Food Republic. This is a company and a website founded on the idea that people everywhere are putting food at the center of their lives like never before. Whether you're a casual cook, a pro, or you don't set foot in the kitchen unless starvation is creeping in and that months-old package of ramen in the cupboard is more appealing than the drive to the nearest fast-food joint, chances are you think about food a lot.

The art of food. The politics of food. The culture around food. And drink too — the bar scene, the cocktail, the wine pairing, the microbrew, the artisanal soda, the perfect cup of coffee.

Maybe you search for recipes online. Maybe you want to impress a date with your budding culinary skills or by making a killer martini, or you want to whip up something for the kids that's healthier and more clever than chicken nuggets or grilled cheese. Maybe you want to see how other people are interacting with food and beverages, what music they're listening to while cooking, what wild new technique they're using to brew beer or roast coffee, how they're hacking their blenders and toasters. Maybe you want to know what cocktails they're concocting, or how that salmon got from an Alaskan river to a plank on your barbecue (and whether it's okay that it's there), or what fitness routine or juice cleanse they're using to counteract last week's burger and beer binge.

Whatever the case, you'll find it here at Food Republic.

Try our recipes and how-tos. See what high-profile sports stars, stock brokers, artists, lead guitarists, mixologists, celebrity chefs are saying about their experiences, what restaurants and bars they frequent, what they're cooking and drinking. Find out more about how technology is affecting food and drink, and vice versa. Hit the comments and tell us about your life in the kitchen, behind the grill, or anywhere else.

Every day, Food Republic will publish recipes, news, interviews, and guides. We'll test out gadgets and scour the world for things that will make you a better cook, a healthier eater, a more astute imbiber, a smarter person. Take part in the conversation here and be sure to follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook.