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Did you know that we have a profile page on up-and-coming social network Facebook? You can check it out here.

Following Food Republic on Facebook is a great way to keep track of all our posts. Maybe you missed our NBA rankings in sandwich form. Or a look at meat pies around the world. Or our answer to the question you've needed to be answered: What Did Kim Jong-il eat? It's all there, updated into your stream. Facebook stream. That's where all the news is. Don't be gross.

And as a bonus, if you Like us now you can enter to win a Breville Mini Smart Oven. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF THE CONTEST!! We all know that toaster ovens are as versatile as Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Problem is, most have his girth, too. This 1,800-watt electric hearth won't cramp your counter space, yet can still swallow an 11-inch pizza, or four pieces of bread. Its eight pre-set functions and internal heat regulation ensure everything from your eggplant parm to English muffins are cooked to your liking.

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