Keep A Whole Liquor Bottle Frozen In A Block Of Ice For Crisp Party Drinks

One of the biggest challenges when hosting a party is making sure the liquor you're serving stays cold while you're busy having fun with your guests. Room-temperature liquor not only tastes bad but can also be harsh on your throat, according to a 2024 study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. They found the temperature at which alcohol is served greatly determines the taste, with colder temperatures being better for liquor and beer. Luckily, there's a solution that will keep your liquor cold all night long while also providing a stunning conversation piece for your party. 

For your next party, you need to spend less time worrying about the temperature of your liquor and more time enjoying yourself. Freeze your liquor bottles in a festive ice block. This practical and simple solution keeps any liquor ice cold, whether it be vodka for the perfect classic Moscow Mule or the best tequila for a margarita.

How to make a stunning ice block for your liquor bottle

Don't be intimidated when you hear the word ice block because they are simple to make. You want to start with an empty and cleaned half-gallon milk or juice carton and remove the top. Next, place your desired liquor bottle in the middle of the carton. If you plan on adding any ingredients or decorative pieces to the ice block, now is the time to add them. You'll fill the carton with water up to the neck of the liquor bottle. Place your now full carton into the freezer overnight. Before your party, remove it and use a knife or scissors to cut away the carton, revealing your ice block.

Let's talk about how to turn your ice block into a stunning conversation piece. For instance, if you want to serve Margaritas to your party guests, filling the ice block with lime wedges would add a colorful pop. Ice blocks are also great for celebrations and holidays. Planning someone's birthday party? Fill the ice block with confetti and candles to create something memorable. For your next Halloween party, head over to your local dollar store to pick up small plastic pumpkins, bats, or any small toy. Fill your ice block with these trinkets to create a spooky and festive sight. With dozens of classic cocktail recipes, you'll have no shortage of ideas to decorate your liquor ice block.

How to keep your ice clear

One of the most common problems with making an ice block for your liquor is keeping the ice clear, so your guests can admire the beauty of what you created. It's important to note that no method guarantees clear ice, so experiment to find what works best for you.

First, make sure that you boil your water before putting it into your half-gallon carton — doing so can help reduce the amount of dissolved air in the water. Before submerging your liquor bottle, make sure the water has cooled down. Boiling water can cause glass bottles to crack and even break. Next, consider using distilled water, which is free of any minerals that may cause cloudiness.

Finally, you need to temper your ice block. Tempering is the process of warming ice to help it become clear by removing frost or freezer burn — just put it in a refrigerator. The amount of time it takes to temper ice greatly depends on its size. A good rule of thumb is to wait until the ice is clear and slightly wet, and then it will be at its most stunning.