Bake Brie In The Smoker For The Perfect Mixture Of Sweet And Savory

Versatility is one of Brie's best attributes. Whether straight out of the fridge, wrapped in puff pastry, or adorning a snack board, this French cheese's smooth texture and mild taste is a perfect pairing for sweet and savory notes. While baking it is popular, taking it one step further by smoking Brie is a unique way to create a wow-worthy appetizer.

This process is easier than it sounds. To smoke Brie at home, fire up your grill or smoker to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and add your favorite soaked wood chips to the heat. For a smokier flavor (due to the exposed cheese inside the rind) and a more gooey result, gently score the top of the Brie. Put the cheese in a cast iron skillet and place it in the grill or smoker. Close the lid and allow it to smoke for 20 minutes. Check the cheese for a lightly golden brown exterior and very soft texture when touched. Once this has been achieved, spoon your desired toppings on the Brie and return it to the heat for about five minutes or until everything is warmed through.

Serve your smoky Brie on a platter or cheese board with plenty of accompaniments. Crackers and baguettes are great for dipping while apple and pear slices are delicious when spread with a bit of cheese. Prosciutto and salami can bring out the mushroom notes of the Brie's rind. A small bowl of briny olives on the side will cut through all the richness.

Best toppings for smoked Brie

With a mellow flavor and buttery texture, Brie is the ultimate canvas when it comes to cheeses. While smoky baked Brie is delectable on its own, a few toppings can make it an impressive appetizer for your next event.

A spoonful of jam goes a long way. Tasty pairing options are jam varieties made with fig, cherry, or any kind of berries to complement Brie's unique earthy notes. If you prefer a more savory taste, a dollop of red pepper or jalapeño jelly can add a bit of heat to the cheesy final dish.

Brie's texture is delightfully gooey after baking, but that can get boring after a few bites. Change up the consistency with a sprinkling of toasted nuts. Walnuts and pecans are common choices — though you can't go wrong with slivered almonds or even pine nuts. Avoid flavored varieties that may overpower the Brie; however, candied nuts bring a hint of sweetness and extra crunch.

A drizzle of honey is an easy way to upgrade your smoked Brie. Orange blossom honey is a mild enough variety to let the smokiness of the cheese shine. Or lean into the savoriness of baked Brie by spooning on top some hot honey or a dollop of fermented garlic honey. Worried about the overlapping textures of soft cheese and runny honey? Opt for honeycomb. Not only does it add a unique taste to the baked Brie, but it makes for an eye-catching presentation.

Drinks to pair with smoked Brie

Whether you're baking smoky Brie to enjoy at home for a date night or getting ready to serve it up to a party crowd, you've got to have the right drink pairings to make for a perfect evening. Wine and cheese together are an elegant (and classic) choice. Keeping with its French roots, Brie goes well with a glass of bubbly Champagne or the acidity of sauvignon blanc. Both will enhance the cheese's mellow notes.

When it comes to beers, heartier varieties like stouts and ales aren't always popular specifically because of their strong flavors. But when these brews are combined with Brie, there is balance thanks to the cheese's creamy richness. This goes double for Brie that's been smoked, giving it that extra nuttiness that goes well with a rich ale.

If you're skipping the alcohol, there are still plenty of delicious drinks to pair with smoky baked Brie. Since fresh grapes and apples are already popular accompaniments, it makes sense that grape juices and apple juices (sparkling or still are both great) will enhance the flavor of Brie. For a bit of a fancier mood, brush up on how to pair mocktails with dishes and get the shaker ready.