Easily Cut Watermelon Into Cubes With This Hack

On a hot day, there's nothing quite as satisfying as the sweet taste of watermelon. However, cutting into the tough, spherical rind of this summery piece of produce can be messy, time-consuming, and downright daunting. When it comes to slicing watermelon, some stick with classic triangular wedges, while others reach for a melon baller to scoop the fruit into the whimsical form of bubbles — but the easiest approach takes another shape entirely. Once you try the TikTok hack for cutting watermelon into cubes, you'll never go back.


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To start, use a sharp, long knife to chop the melon into even quarters by cutting through the middle and then halving both pieces. Take one segment and place it with the rind against the cutting board and the pink flesh of the fruit facing up, creating a flat surface that runs parallel to your kitchen countertop. Use the knife to carefully slice straight lines from the pale rim on one side to the other, about two inches apart. 

Then, reposition the melon so that its other sliced side is facing up and cut another set of straight slices. You'll repeat this technique a third and final time by cutting into the edge of the fruit where the two semi-circle surfaces meet. Finally, tip the whole thing over a bowl, give it a tap, and start snacking on your perfect mound of cubed watermelon!

Tips for storing your watermelon cubes

A whole watermelon can last in your refrigerator for up to three weeks, but once you cut it open, you should plan to consume it within five days. If you store your watermelon cubes in a bowl in your fridge, you may notice that a pool of juice will form at the bottom. Watermelons are made up of about 92% water and some of this liquid will seep out over time. One of the best qualities of this refreshing fruit is its crisp texture, so the last thing you want is for your beautifully cut pieces to become mushy. Fortunately there is a surprising kitchen tool that can save the day: salad spinners are the secret to non-soggy watermelon cubes.

To take advantage of this trick, simply place your watermelon cubes in the basket of the salad spinner. No need to give it a whirl; in this case, this piece of equipment is the ideal space for stationary storage. The water can drain out through the basket and pool below the fruit. If you don't have a salad spinner, you can recreate this setup with a colander and large bowl.

What to do with the rest of your watermelon

If you try the cubed watermelon hack and find yourself with some uneven pieces — or simply more fruit than you know what to do with — there is another trick with a similar form that can help you repurpose the last scraps of watermelon: turn them into ice cubes. Gather any leftovers, remove the rind and seeds, then toss the fruit in a blender. Puree the pink flesh until it's smooth and creamy, then pour this into an ice cube tray and pop it in the freezer. Watermelon ice cubes are an amazing addition to a wide array of warm weather drinks, from sparkling water and lemonade to teas and cocktails.

To get the most bang for your buck and avoid food waste, you can make use of the entire fruit to prepare fun snacks to serve alongside these beverages. Get creative and try 12 tasty ways to eat your watermelon rinds, which include everything from sour pickles to sweet jam and savory stir fries.