Chili Oil Is The Spicy Ingredient That Gives Your Rotisserie Chicken A Kick

Everyone has their own way of sprucing up rotisserie chicken. While this poultry dish tastes perfectly fine on its own, its flavors are truly allowed to shine when paired with the delectable flavors of different sauces, seasonings, and toppings. In fact, one of the best ways to liven up rotisserie comes from TikTok — the same social media site that brought us delicious meat accompaniments like cowboy butter — and it only involves a jar of chili oil.


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To spruce up roast chicken with some chili oil, simply drizzle some of the condiment onto the bird and enjoy — yes, it's that simple! Doing this not only brings a powerful kick to the meat, but can also introduce some moisture. Store-bought rotisseries are particularly prone to drying out, as they often sit under heating lamps for hours before someone picks them up. If you'd prefer a bit more control over the heat level, you may also use the chili oil as a dip, and dunk small chunks of the chicken with either your fingers or a fork. The results are delicious either way, so try it the next time you're shopping for a rotisserie at your local grocery store.

Use chili oil to season homemade rotisserie chicken

If you're trying to make your own rotisserie on the grill or in the oven, consider rubbing some chili oil onto the raw chicken. While most people primarily use this ingredient as a condiment, it can also function as a cooking agent and marinade. In the case of protein dishes like roast poultry, chili oil can act as a powerful flavoring that will help the skin bubble up under the searing heat. You can use it to season meat by itself, or you can combine it with whatever spices are in your pantry. However, you do want to salt the meat, as chili oil does not contain much sodium on its own.

Regardless of whether you use chili oil for homemade or store-bought rotisserie, you'll want to pair your chicken with a side to turn it into a filling, balanced meal. Sticky rice can be an excellent choice that complements both the meat and the chili oil, but roast vegetables, leafy salads, and even french fries are also fine accompaniments.

Alternatives for store-bought chili oil

In the event you don't have chili oil available at your local grocer or international supermarket, try making it at home. The most basic spices required for this condiment are red pepper flakes, a cinnamon stick, garlic, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns — which are actually more closely related to berries. After you've heated up the neutral oil of your choice, just pour it over the seasonings and watch your kitchen fill with wonderful aromas. Making your own chili oil at home gives you more control over its flavor profile as well, since you'll be able to tweak the recipe with whatever spices you wish to add.

If you can't find chili oil and don't feel like making it yourself, try to source some chili crisp instead. This spicy condiment shares many of the same ingredients, but has a thicker consistency, and features more mix-ins in its liquid. Chili crisp can't be drizzled as easily onto a rotisserie due to its texture, but it can be ladled over the meat with a spoon or used as a dip.