How To Turn Oreos Into An Easy 3-Ingredient Mug Cake

A mug cake is a modern invention that maximizes the microwave and minimizes effort. With only a handful of ingredients, hungry snackers can mix up a fluffy dessert in minutes, and dive into a warm treat usually reserved for birthday gatherings. They're so popular that even celebrity chef Alton Brown makes cakes in the microwave.

The latest clever twist on the classic is to use crushed Oreos, along with milk and baking soda to hold the crumbs together, to cook a pastry in minutes. It takes elbow grease to pulverize the cookies into powder by hand, but cooks on a time crunch can also experiment with crushing them into crumbs in a food processor or blender — especially if they're preparing multiple mugs. The final dessert comes out of the oven hot, too, and begs for a scoop of melty ice cream and more Oreo bits.


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There are a few common pitfalls when it comes to making mug cakes, but once you learn to avoid them, the process is easy. Swapping in store-bought cookies, rather than mixing up a mini batch of cake batter, keeps the ingredient list as short as possible. Plus, the sandwich cookies are usually considered vegan, so using a plant-based milk can keep this snack animal product-free. The hardest part of making the mug cakes is limiting yourself to one or three.

Microwaving pantry ingredients into cake

Packaged chocolate chip cookies, like the dry and crumbly Chips Ahoy, also make a sweet base for a mug cake. This approach requires additional ingredients, such as flour, to fully bind the ingredients and ensure proper rising. Although some bakers have given the packaged snack, as well as other grocery store staples like Milano cookies, the Oreo-style mash-and-microwave treatment, the mixture benefits from the added structure and rise provided by the wheat.

Other cooks supplement a glob of Nutella with self-rising flour or regular flour and baking powder, as well as the usual milk, to fashion a similar dessert. The sticky base offers a burst of nutty chocolate and plenty of oil to moisten and bind the mixture together. For an extra boost, microwavers can add an egg to help the cake rise into a glossy, rich bite, but this is a trick best saved for making a round of multiple mug desserts, as a whole yolk's flavor can overpower a single serving of batter.

Bakers can also channel banana bread and use mashed fruit as the foundation for their quick "bake." When mixed with flour and leavening, along with nuts, spices, and chocolate, it becomes a warm alternative to a more laborious banana loaf. Shredded carrots or applesauce can also form the basis for a carrot cake, but they require a good amount of supplemental ingredients to turn into mini cakes.

Making mug muffins, donuts, and more

Of the many microwave cooking hacks, lightning-fast baking is one of the sweetest. For those without packaged Oreos, the next easiest mug mixture is to use cake or brownie mix and water to whip up a chocolate cake. However, busy bakers don't have to confine themselves to a late-night snack. Creative flavorings, added ingredients, and toppings can transform this quick bite into other sugary treats.

Take inspiration from a glazed cake donut, and zap up a vanilla cake base to top with icing and rainbow sprinkles. For added charm, you can use food coloring to dye the glaze a bright hue or swap it for ganache. Or, stack on the sweetness by adding a dollop of jam to the center of the batter before microwaving. The result will mimic a jelly donut and feature an eruption of jam in the center. It tastes even better with a sprinkle of spiced sugar on top. A Boston cream-style filling may not hold up in the microwave, so sticking with a fruit or chocolate spread is suggested.

Another approach is to focus on breakfast. Pancake mix, the ultimate timesaver, can transform into a mug treat with just a one- or two-minute zap. Add fresh or defrosted fruit, like blueberries, and top with a drizzle of maple syrup for a hot and fluffy meal. Keep in mind that preparing the mixture in a mug results in a thicker pancake, reminiscent of a muffin.