We Finally Know The Reason Giada De Laurentiis Decided To Leave Food Network

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis shocked viewers across the world when she departed from Food Network in 2023 after more than 20 years. The announcement sparked waves of headlines, but few knew exactly why the Italian-American culinary expert chose to embark on a new path. Finally, De Laurentiis has revealed why she parted ways with the network and, instead, has chosen to focus on her brand Giadzy.

"I got burnt out, and I couldn't see a path that was exciting anymore," De Laurentiis shared during an appearance on the podcast, "Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff," pointing to a common concern among today's workers and even celebrities that find themselves over-worked and stressed out. "I need excitement...I get bored, and if I'm getting bored, my viewers are getting bored," she added.

The chef decided to instead embrace her entrepreneurial spirit by focusing on her ongoing off-camera projects, as well as taking on new challenges with content at Amazon Studios. Despite her fear of "making the jump," De Laurentiis said she started to think about a change after the end of her marriage in 2020. Although she remains deeply embedded in the food world, the influential expert has taken a step back from the grind of television production for now.

Escaping the pressures of TV was another part of her decision

Burnout and the thrill of the unknown weren't the only reasons Giada De Laurentiis decided to call it quits with Food Network, however. "I just thought, you know, sometimes in life it's fun to get out at the top, rather than when nobody wants you anymore," the chef divulged during the podcast interview. She cited making a full career with her Food Network show "Everyday Italian" (although De Laurentiis' big break in the food industry happened before her time on screen).

Despite an arsenal of famous recipes, she also felt the real pressures of keeping up with the pressures of today's society. "Television is rough on a woman and keeping up is rough ... and time-consuming," the 53-year-old shared. Though she doesn't view herself as an actress, De Laurentiis said she still found it hard to reckon with the aging process while being on screen.

Today, her work involves opening her latest restaurant in Arizona as well as providing travel recommendations and curating her favorite brands of pasta, among other things, on Giadzy. The site recently also launched a membership plan, which entitles Giadzy users an "all-access pass" to see her newest recipes, live streams, and adventures in Italy. Since the announcement, the star also hinted at an upcoming collaboration with Italian-trained chef Evan Funke, according to Los Angeles Magazine, but fans will have to wait and see. For now, the star remains welcome at her former network, but she shows no signs of turning back just yet.