To Avoid A Soggy BLT Sandwich, Tomato Placement Is Key

The iconic sandwich made with bacon, lettuce, and tomato — more commonly known as a BLT — is a classic for a reason. Not only does it highlight the beauty of garden-fresh ingredients while in peak season, but it also juxtaposes these with the salty, fatty, crispy perfection of bacon slices.

There is only one hiccup when it comes to the wonder that is the BLT, and that is the possibility of a soggy sandwich. Whenever juicy, fresh tomatoes are sliced and put between pieces of bread, this can be an unfortunate side effect. However, a few key moves can avoid a moist mess. It is important to create a barrier between the tomato slices and the bread. Otherwise, if the tomato touches the bread directly, it will start to absorb the liquid, resulting in a doughy dilemma. Nestle the tomato in the center between the lettuce leaves and strips of bacon to create a barrier and protect the bread slices for the best BLT.

Other ways to avoid a soggy sandwich

Besides strategic placement of the sliced tomatoes, there are other ways to keep a BLT, or any sandwich for that matter, as crisp as possible. After slicing the tomatoes, place them in a single layer on top of paper towels. This will begin to absorb some of the excess moisture right away. Then, season the tomatoes with salt and pepper. Not only will this enhance the flavor, but the seasoning will also help draw out more liquid. Allow them to sit while you prepare the remaining components of the sandwich.

Speaking of paper towels, no matter how you cook your bacon, make sure to drain the strips on a paper towel-lined plate before using them — removing this extra grease is also beneficial. Additionally, soft bread might be ruining your BLT. Always choose a heartier bread, and be sure to toast it first before assembling your meal. Finally, wrapping a sandwich in parchment paper also offers benefits. Since it is slightly porous, it can help absorb moisture. Plus, it serves as a neat and tidy holder to keep your hands and clothes clean while devouring every bite.

Variations on the classic BLT

The combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomato is so delicious that variations on this theme have appeared in the sandwich world and beyond. Sometimes, adding one or two more ingredients can elevate every bite. Adding a fried egg turns this into a breakfast sandwich known as a BELT. Trendy avocado slices or even sprouts have made their way between the slices of bread to create BLAT or BLAST options.

While a smear of mayonnaise on the bread is typically included in a traditional BLT, using creamy Italian dressing is a mayo alternative that can bring a more salad-like flavor to the recipe. Whether you use mayo or dressing, both add an essential zing to the sandwich to help balance out the elements of the dish.

Some creative cooks take the delectable combination of bacon, lettuce, and tomato and, instead of making a sandwich, highlight these three ingredients in entirely new dishes. There are BLT pizzas, pasta salads, loaded baked potatoes, savory muffins, and so much more that can be prepared with this trifecta of flavor. It is a blank slate for innovative thinking when it comes to mealtime.