Egg White Powder Is Your Secret Ingredient For Satisfying Smoothies

Smoothies, the modern-day breakfast of champions, are a nutritious alternative to the milkshakes we wish we were drinking. No longer just for bodybuilders, this customizable food is a convenient way to start your day right or refuel after a workout. To make it even better, add egg white powder for a satisfying smoothie that'll keep you full longer and taste great.

Protein powder is commonly added to smoothies to balance fruit's sugar content and provide the protein that the drink would otherwise lack. Depending on the brand, protein powder is derived from plants, eggs, or milk. Unfortunately, additives, artificial flavorings, and sweeteners are often included, which aren't as nutritious and can leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Egg white powder provides a pure protein and upgrades your smoothie in a few ways. Made of dried egg whites (albumen), a tablespoon is equivalent to one large egg white, providing 3.6 grams of protein and no unwanted ingredients or unpleasant aftertaste. Adding protein will keep you satiated longer, offsetting the reduced fiber in smoothies compared to whole fruit. The lean protein also includes all nine essential amino acids the body needs but can't produce on its own.

While uncooked egg white powder isn't recommended for those with a compromised immune system, the elderly, and children, most individuals can safely consume it. It's heat-treated and pasteurized to kill the harmful bacteria commonly found in raw eggs like salmonella. Once reconstituted with a few tablespoons of liquid, it can be whipped, giving smoothies a creamy consistency.

Tips for adding egg white powder to smoothies

If you are unfamiliar with egg white powder but have enjoyed a sky-high baked Alaska or angel food cake, you've seen what egg whites can do. Bakers have relied on egg white powder for years to whip up cloud-like meringue and prepare royal icing to decorate cookies. When egg whites are whipped, air gets trapped, forcing the protein to stretch.

In a few minutes, the pale liquid becomes voluminous and fluffy with a glossy white finish. Similarly, when reconstituted, egg white powder thickens smoothies, which is especially useful when you don't have frozen fruit to add volume to your faux milkshake. If you're interested in another upgrade, try adding a pinch of salt to enhance the smoothie's flavor. It will make it seem sweeter without being salty.

Since egg white powder is flavorless, it can be put in any smoothie recipe — just add and blend. Selective eaters won't taste the protein-rich addition but will appreciate the improved consistency. Because it's often used in baking, egg white powder is commonly found in the supermarket or craft store's baking aisle and can be purchased online. Avoid products that contain additives, and look for unflavored egg white powder that only lists eggs as an ingredient. It's a versatile protein source that doesn't require refrigeration. Store it in the pantry and reach for it whenever you want to bump up the protein in a recipe.

Delicious smoothie options

Smoothies are a convenient snack or meal choice at any time of year. Although we may not think of frosty beverages when the weather is cold, smoothies can be customized to suit your seasonal cravings. When the weather is warm, and farmer's markets are bursting with local fruit and vegetables, take advantage of the season's bounty at its peak and enjoy fresh fruit smoothies with a scoop of egg white powder.

Instead of tossing overly ripe produce hiding in the back of the fridge's produce drawer, freeze it to use in a smoothie. It's a great solution for sweet fruit that's too soft to enjoy fresh. Take advantage of bulk discounts offered by local farms and freeze what you don't consume for up to a year. 

As the weather gets cold, rely on frozen fruit to make your smoothies, but add seasonal ingredients. Frozen fruit is picked at its peak and nutritious. When you crave pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, turn canned pumpkin into a creamy smoothie. Freeze a can of pumpkin pie filling, which has all the warming spices associated with the season, and pop it in the blender with other fruit. The frozen pumpkin thickens the smoothie and flavors it with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. If you associate the cold weather with hot coffee, add that too. Giada de Laurentiis makes a coffee smoothie with almond milk, banana, baby spinach, and chopped chocolate that hits all the right notes any day of the year.