K-Pop's Inkigayo Sandwich Pairs Egg Salad With Sweet Jam

If you've ever wanted to eat like a K-pop star, there is one specific sandwich that's essential to taste. The Inkigayo sandwich creates a unique sweet-and-savory flavor profile with its fillings. It features a few different layers, separated by four slices of fluffy white bread, usually with the crusts sliced off.

The first filling is a creamy hardboiled egg and potato salad. If you're making your own at home, you can elevate the salad with some spices. The next layer — the center of the sandwich — is where things get a little more sensational. Sweet strawberry jam is spread between the bread, adding some sweetness and color to the meal. And, if your jam jar is almost empty, don't toss it; it can be used to sweeten up your next glass of iced tea.

The final layer includes a slaw of shredded cabbage, imitation crab, and Kewpie mayonnaise (sometimes with ketchup, depending on the recipe). Though the fillings are separate, they all come together in each bite, creating a uniquely fruity and tangy meal that blurs the lines of umami, savory, and sweet.

The sandwich is embedded in K-pop culture

The K-pop association is thanks to where the sandwich was invented. Inkigayo is a music performance show, airing each Sunday. K-pop stars perform in front of a live audience at the SBS Broadcasting Hall building. Performers enjoy snacks and meals in a designated cafeteria, and these exclusive sandwiches have been endorsed by quite a few stars, including Jimin and Suga from BTS, and H.O from MADTOWN — who says he's eaten about 100 of the sandwiches.

The sandwich was even the headline of some idol dating rumors. Some stars aren't allowed to date due to their contracts while others simply prefer to keep their private lives under wraps. Whatever the case, secrecy is often required. It's rumored that some idols will write their phone numbers down, hide them in the plastic wrapper, and gift the sandwich to another performer as a subtle way of sharing contact info.

Thanks to both the praise of this sweet-and-savory treat and the rumors surrounding the stars, the dish was even dubbed the "K-pop idol sandwich" by some. Some social media users have even cited the association as their prime reason for wanting to try it. So while the sandwich may not yet be considered a Korean staple like hot stone bibimbap, it's certainly a must-try for K-pop superfans.