The Unconventional Sauce That Adds Smokiness To Mashed Potatoes

From fresh herbs and creamy cheese to Greek yogurt and garlic, there are numerous ways to upgrade your plain mashed potatoes from dreary to delicious. But if you're seeking a unique twist on traditional potatoes, consider reaching for a bottle of your favorite barbecue sauce.

It may seem unconventional to add barbecue sauce to your bowl of mashed spuds, but potatoes in various forms are a staple side dish at many BBQ joints throughout the United States. So, why not employ the rich and smoky flavors of the sauce you'd typically use on smoked meats to enhance the flavor of the side dish you might usually pair it with?

Moreover, incorporating this savory sauce into your mashed potatoes couldn't be more simple. Just combine it with milk and melted butter, then gradually incorporate it while mashing the cooked potatoes until you achieve the desired consistency. The amount of sauce can be adjusted to taste, but a good starting point is using about half as much barbecue sauce as milk.

Tips for the best barbecue mashed potatoes

Although it appears simple, there are a few mistakes that can lead to disappointing mashed potatoes. First, selecting the right potato variety is crucial. For a spud that will absorb the most smoky nuance, reach for russets. Their high starch content allows them to soak up more flavor than their waxier counterparts. To ensure your mashed potatoes are as tasty as possible, allow them to drain thoroughly after boiling. Water-logged potatoes will not only spoil the texture of your mash, but will also be less capable of drawing in the savory goodness of the sauce.

Another vital step in creating the best mashed potatoes is to prevent them from cooling during the mashing process. To avoid this, don't just pull your milk or barbecue sauce from the fridge. Allow these ingredients to come to room temperature. Alternatively, if you're melting your butter on the stove, add the milk and sauce to it on low heat so that they're warm when mixed with the potatoes.

Finally, if your spuds still aren't as smoky as you were hoping for, there are several solutions. Consider adding a bit of smoked paprika, folding in shredded smoked Gouda, or stirring in diced bacon for additional flavor. Or, you could try your hand at making your own homemade barbecue sauce, allowing you to infuse as much smokiness as you prefer.