The Coffee Filter Folding Tip You Probably Didn't Know About

There are many ways to brew a cup of coffee. One of the easiest and most common options is to use a drip coffee machine, but it turns out some of us are missing a crucial step in this important part of our daily morning routine. TikTok user @sidneyraz was so amazed that he had reached his 30s before he discovered how a coffee filter is actually meant to be used that he took to the video platform to show others.


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This sturdy crimping pattern helps prevent the filter from bursting while being sprayed with piping hot water in your drip coffee maker. Folding the two crimped edges is a quick and effective way to make the filter fit more neatly and securely into the coffee machine — plus, folding increases your filter's strength. As a result, you will ensure that the equipment is functioning at its best and avoid any coffee grounds ending up in your cup of joe.

More tips and tricks for using your coffee filters

Once you have properly folded your coffee filter, there is another key step you should take to prepare it for use. Before you even think about reaching for your coffee beans, you need to run water through the filter. This tip may seem strange or even counterintuitive since you don't want the filter to become overly soggy at the risk of ripping and ruining your cup of joe. Fortunately, these filters are so sturdy that you can reuse one up to five times. For the best results, use a kettle to boil water and pour it over the coffee filter. This reduces the taste of the paper and lends to a more consistent extraction of the coffee so that those flavors can fully shine.

Though these particular pieces of paper seem to be a one-trick pony, they are surprisingly multifunctional. If, after brewing a delicious drip or pour-over coffee, you feel motivated to tidy up, coffee filters are handy for cleaning your kitchen. Just make sure you use a fresh one. And when you move on to happy hour, you can use the coffee filter trick to save your wine from floating cork remnants.

Ways to make coffee without paper filters

Of course, it's good to know how to make coffee without a machine or a strainer – just in case. Maybe you ran out of coffee filters, and you desperately need to get caffeinated before heading out the door; maybe you're hiking, and you can't carry your preferred coffee equipment with you — or maybe you're looking for a way to cut back on using paper materials to reduce your environmental footprint. In any event, there are plenty of options.

If you're in a pinch, there are several items around your kitchen that you can use in place of paper coffee filters, including a cheesecloth, a fine mesh sieve, or a clean cloth towel. There are also plenty of long-term paper filter alternatives, including those made of metal, cloth (such as cotton or hemp), or reusable mesh basket coffee filters.

If you're open to something a little different than your usual drip coffee, an Aeropress or a French press are both good options for at-home or even on-the-trail adventures. Both have metal filters and are fairly compact, which makes them easy for travel and cleanup.