If You Forget Reusable Bags At Aldi, Pick Up An Empty Product Box

Aldi is a discount grocery store founded in Germany, but even its locations in the U.S. utilize the European model for shopping. This includes using a quarter to borrow a cart during your shopping trip (don't worry, the coin is returned once you bring the cart back), bagging your own groceries, and using your own bags. In fact, these practices are some of the reasons why Aldi's groceries are so cheap.

If you are new to shopping at Aldi and forget your reusable bags at home, don't worry; there are options. Bags are always available for purchase at the checkout stand. However, Aldi shoppers tend to be thrifty bargain hunters, and there is a free hack for getting your groceries home without a bag. Simply scour the aisles for empty product boxes. As employees stock shelves, they often have a cart filled with empty boxes that are free for the taking. Grab a couple while shopping, and tuck them at the bottom of your cart until you reach the checkout.

Empty product boxes are free and sturdy

Soon, it will be more important than ever to bring your own reusable bags, or grab empty product boxes to transport your groceries home. That's because one of the significant changes you'll see at Aldi starting in 2024 is the elimination of plastic bags from the checkout stands altogether.

Luckily, snagging an empty box for your groceries is free and relatively easy. Since these boxes are used to transport products to the stores, they tend to be designed to maximize space, making them perfect for lining up your purchases after checkout. They are also very sturdy, so don't worry about overloading them with heavy items. Plus, the boxes easily slide right into the trunk of your car.

But how does a savvy shopper know when Aldi might be stocking their shelves to grab one of these boxes? As it turns out, Wednesday is the smartest day of the week to shop at Aldi, because that is when the shelves are restocked. Therefore, there is a high likelihood of spotting some of these boxes as you scour the aisles for deals. Once you get home and unload the groceries, you can simply break down the boxes and add them to the recycling bin. It's a smart tip that's good for the earth as well as your wallet.

More Aldi shopping tips

Avid Aldi shoppers are always on the lookout for more shopping tips and tricks to maximize their budget and shopping experience. For example, if you also tend to forget your quarter for the grocery cart, Aldi has come up with a solution. The store is currently selling a convenient keychain with a quarter holder, so there's no need to scour the bottom of your purse for a coin.

Aldi also has an active social media presence where upcoming deals are revealed to its most loyal fans. Its Instagram is a great space to learn more about genius ways to stretch a dollar, and stay up-to-date on the latest "Aldi finds."

The best part is, no matter what you buy at Aldi, you can always feel secure about your purchases because of its "Twice as Nice Guarantee." If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with an edible Aldi store brand item, you can return it with a receipt and the remaining unused portion of the package. Not only will your money be refunded for the return, but Aldi will also replace the returned product.