The Herb Gwyneth Paltrow Said 'Should Be Illegal'

Things got spicy when Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on a recent episode of the interview series "Hot Ones." Her spiciest take, however, wasn't a reaction to one of the chicken wing hot sauces but rather a controversial take on a certain herb. As Paltrow told host Sean Evans (as seen on YouTube), "I love all herbs, except for dill, which should be illegal. It's so gross. It ruins everything and anything it touches." 

The Academy Award-winning "Shakespeare in Love" actress and creator of the lifestyle/wellness brand Goop wasn't through dishing the herb, admitting she finds it hard to fathom why anyone would ever deign to eat it. She added she understood why some people dislike cilantro, because, like dill, it has a strong, almost overpowering flavor. But, even so, the actress loves cilantro.

Many would disagree with Paltrow's opinion, of course, including lovers of ranch dressing, which heavily features herbs like parsley, and yes, dill and has been the most popular salad dressing in the U.S. for more than 60 years. The cowboy-invented dressing isn't the only thing made better by the slighted ingredient, though; dill is a famous pairing partner with cucumber in a variety of preparations, including soups, salads, and egg dishes.

Gwyneth Paltrow hates dill but loves this herb

Despite her stated dislike for dill, Gwyneth Paltrow waxed poetic on "Hot Ones" when discussing her favorite herb: basil. Between taking bites of the show's spicy chicken wings, the actress noted that basil is "just so fragrant and almost like ... optimistic." She added, "It smells like summer and tomatoes. ... I love it."

Basil and dill actually grow well when planted in proximity to one another in gardens, though the latter is probably nowhere to be seen at Paltrow's home garden in Amagansett on New York's Long Island. Instead, she prefers to grow cucumbers, squash, and tomatoes, as well as a rich array of herbs (of course, basil and sage among them). 

In fact, deciding to plant tomato and basil together, like Paltrow does in her garden, is an idea recommended for two important reasons. Together, the two help to repel bugs, and they're also a perfect flavor match in several delicious dishes, including bruschetta and caprese