Top Your Starbucks Pink Drink With Matcha Cold Foam And Thank Us Later

Back in 2020, a pastel-colored secret menu drink from Starbucks went viral on TikTok, and it remains popular to this day. We're kind of obsessed with it, and you might be too once you try it — if you haven't already. Known as the Cosmo and Wanda after the eponymous pink and green-haired cartoon characters from the animated series "The Fairly Odd Parents," the cold beverage is perfect for spring or anytime you need a sweet and refreshing treat in liquid form. 

You won't find this drink on the official menu, but it's basically a twist on a Starbucks cold foam refresher drink. If your barista doesn't recognize it by name, you can let them in on how to make it with just a few simple customizations. The original version of the drink is made by ordering a Pink Drink Refresher and asking for an add-in of vanilla cream cold foam that gets blended with a scoop of matcha powder.

The result is fruity, creamy, and very sweet — but that sweetness is balanced by the tasty earthiness of the matcha. The fun color mix adds a touch of whimsy while the blend of over-the-top flavors gives it an air of decadence and complexity. It's seriously delicious, and while you can get the grande size, we're sticking with ordering it as a venti; otherwise, we'd be slurping the entire thing down in just one sip ... it's that good. And now, there's an even easier way to order it. 

How to order the Cosmo and Wanda

Starbucks now offers a matcha cream cold foam topping, so instead of ordering vanilla foam mixed with matcha powder — which will result in two additional add-in charges — you can skip the vanilla foam and go straight for the matcha, saving a bit of change in the process. You'll still get that vanilla flavor because matcha foam is made by adding matcha powder to vanilla foam, which ends up being the same as if you had ordered them separately. 

Supposedly, Starbucks baristas hate making iced green tea lattes because the matcha powder has a tendency to clump up in the cold liquid, but this is not an issue with the foam since it's made with a special blender. For green tea lovers, the foam is a revelation, and if we're being honest, we love it on just about anything. Adding it to the Pink Drink is a matcha, um, match made in heaven.

The Pink Drink started off as a secret item invented by fans on social media. It proved to be so popular that Starbucks eventually made it official. It combines coconut milk with the brand's strawberry açaí Refresher beverage (which is actually flavored with passion fruit), along with a scoop of freeze-dried strawberries. It's the perfect base for matcha foam as-is, but you cna also give your Cosmo and Wanda a textural twist by turning it into a frappuccino ... just ask for it blended with ice and crème base.

Customization options for your matcha Pink Drink

With so many customizations available, there are plenty of ways to get the pink and green drink just the way you like. One simple switch is to use another kind of milk. Try swapping out the coconut milk with almond or oat milk for a totally different (but equally delicious) flavor profile. Or you could take a cue from the 2024 Starbucks spring menu lavender oat milk beverage with iced matcha and add the new lavender cream foam. This will give your Cosmo and Wanda an additional floral twist. 

A variety of other cream cold foams would work well here too. Try the pistachio for its toasty and nutty notes, or even the chocolate. Along with (or instead of strawberries), you might want to give the dragon fruit inclusion or freeze-dried pineapple a try. Both of these fruits will add a pop of tropical flavor to your concoction.

If you're jonesing for even more creaminess than the green tea provides, get your pink and matcha foam drink with a shot of white mocha. That will give you a beautiful hit of white chocolate and mocha flavors, adding an elegant (and not overwhelming) sweetness. Alternately, an entirely different way to get the same effect (and color scheme) of a Cosmo and Wanda is to order an iced matcha green tea latte with the addition of vanilla cream cold foam, strawberry purée, and if you're really feeling that sweet tooth, some strawberry drizzle.