The Worst Foods To Order In Disney World, According To TikTok

One of the most exciting parts of a trip to Disney World is eating your way through all the delicious themed foods scattered throughout the parks. You might assume that every dish from Disney will blow your mind — however, many of the bites here can be a major disappointment if you pick the wrong thing. From subpar egg rolls and ghostly shrimp to stale bread and unsavory donuts, a surprisingly long list of disappointing food is hiding in plain sight at Disney World. 

Luckily, TikTok users aren't going to let a bad snack fly at the iconic theme park, and they have chimed in to let everyone know which Disney treats don't live up to expectations. We scrolled through countless TikTok videos from professional food reviewers and Disney cuisine experts to compile a trustworthy list of all the absolute worst foods to order at Disney World. Without further ado, these are the top 14 worst foods you should avoid at Disney World, according to TikTok. 

Egg rolls and fried rice from Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe

It's always nice to find a budget option in an expensive place like Disney World, but it can also backfire. Even though Chinese food from Yak & Yeti at Disney's Animal Kingdom is quite affordable in comparison to the rest of the park, it isn't even worth a cent of your money. Magicalmomentswithlaina on TikTok decided to try out the restaurant even though it had some bad reviews. Suffice to say, it ended up being a disappointing choice. 

"This is the most disgusting egg roll I've ever tasted," said Laina, "it had a really bad mushy texture." The egg rolls ended up being completely inedible and the chicken fried rice was equally as bad. The rice was even served to her burnt. All in all, this place should go on your "avoid" list for Walt Disney World. 

Fried pickles from Sci-Fi Dine-In

Bethany Vinton is a professional Disney food reviewer and podcaster who shares her candid thoughts on the park's meals on TikTok. She had a lot to say about the fried pickles from Sci-Fi Dine-In, located in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

She questioned how they could manage to be "both dry and soggy at the same time," and elaborated by saying "It was like they were covered in a layer of sandpaper." Although their one saving grace was that the side sauce was actually quite tasty with a hint of spice, it still seems like this is one of the snacks at Disney that isn't worth your money. 

All variations of churros

With so many iconic sweets — like the massive Disney World dessert, the Chocolate Extinction – you would think that the park's churros would be to die for. However, Shay Spence on TikTok shared that they're actually a total letdown. He explained, "All the churros, they just don't get them right at Disney World, especially compared to Disneyland."

Another TikTok user, emilychenxb, agreed that the churros at Disneyland were leaps and bounds better than the ones at Walt Disney World. They described the Disney World churros as "kinda stale." Even though the flavored dip helped to mask the low quality, it still wasn't worth buying. 

Cuban hot dog from The Lunching Pad

Two separate TikTok creators, Bethany Vinton and Wrightdownmainstreet, called out the Cuban hot dog from The Lunching Pad as one of the worst foods of all time at Disney World. Both of them had very similar criticisms as well. For reference, this hot dog is topped with spiced ham, pickles, Swiss fondue, and Dijonnaise. 

According to the TikTokers, all those toppings were just too much for the bun to hold and it just crumbled under the weight. "There are just way too many toppings on this and the bun cannot properly support all of the liquid toppings," said Wrightdownmainstreet. Vinton added, "Can you please just give me a bun that does not disintegrate while I eat it? It does not stand up to the toppings you put on it." Nobody wants a hot dog that is pretty much impossible to eat.

Sebastian's Salad with jerk chicken from Banana Cabana

TikTok user Shay Spence stopped at Banana Cabana at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, which is usually a very good spot to eat in Disney World, according to him. However, he made the grave mistake of ordering the ultra-disappointing Sebastian's Salad with jerk chicken on this visit. He said plainly, "I love this place, but the jerk chicken salad was no good for me."

Shay mentioned how the chicken on the salad was bone dry and cold to the touch. Worst of all, it was extremely underseasoned. Can it even be considered jerk chicken anymore if the phrase "underseasoned" comes to mind? All things considered, this jerk chicken salad is a major skip at Disney World. 

Yuzu miso wings from Katsura Grill

Chicken wings are usually a highlight of the day, but they just might ruin your afternoon at the theme park if you opt to order the yuzu miso wings from Katsura Grill in Epcot's Japan pavilion. Apparently, Disney World needs to learn the secret to making crispy chicken wings. According to Bethany Vinton, these things were one of the worst things she had ever eaten at the park. 

Bethany said the wings were some of the worst she's had in her life because they were just inedibly soggy. "These were like, soft. Literally soft, and mushy, and everything you don't want in a chicken wing," she described. Even though the flavor was okay, that sogginess simply couldn't be redeemed.

Buffalo chicken dumplings from Energy Bytes

Buffalo chicken dumplings sound like a promising, creative appetizer — however, Bethany Vinton said that the Disney version just didn't quite live up to the hype. This hybrid dish comes from the recently opened Energy Bytes snack stand in Disney's Magic Kingdom park, and it contains chicken dumplings drenched in a cayenne pepper broth and dusted with blue cheese powder. 

It was described by Vinton as "overcooked chicken that was in, honestly, like a canned tomato sauce. It was awful." She also mentioned how the buffalo flavor was pretty much nonexistent, so it failed on both the dumpling and buffalo chicken fronts. 

Turkey marinara pasta from Pizzafari

Do your children a favor and don't spoil their fun Disney day with the turkey marinara pasta from the kid's menu at Animal Kingdom's Pizzafari. It is simply not anything you want to be serving to your beloved offspring, according to Wrightdownmainstreet on TikTok. 

"The meat sauce resembled cat food and there was a strange liquid gathered on the bottom of the bowl," the creator explained. With so many delicious places to eat at Walt Disney World, you might as well just avoid this pasta dish entirely.

New England shrimp boil from Columbia Harbor House

You're wandering around and enjoying your time at the parks thinking nothing could ever ruin this perfect day — but you'd be wrong. A bad seafood meal on a hot afternoon is a one-way ticket to your Disney World trip going downhill fast. That's why you should avoid the New England shrimp boil from Columbia Harbor House on your next Disney day. 

Wrightdownmainstreet was thrilled to try the new dish but was sorely disappointed when the plate arrived at their table. "I was greeted with grey shrimp and zero seasoning," she said. Shrimp changes color as it cooks, so this could very well mean that the ones in her dish were underdone. 

Wrightdownmainstreet continued by explaining how she'd never had a seafood boil that looked like that before. While Disney food is known for its innovation, that might not be the type of change diners are looking for.

Chicago dog from Casey's Corner

There are lots of different ways to make a hot dog, but it seems like Disney World simply can't nail any of them. Shay Spence says that the Chicago dog from Casey's Corner is a major disappointment as well. He said he visited Disney World seven times in 2023 and this Chicago dog was one of the worst foods he ate there all year long. The big problem here is that there are just too many toppings piled on the dog. 

Even worse, it's not even an authentic Chicago dog. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but a Chicago dog should not have pico de gallo on it," Spence said. "And it didn't have those little peppers, which are my favorite part of a Chicago dog." Disney tried to mess with an already solid snack and ended up making a bad Chicago hot dog alternative.

Buttermilk pancakes from Trattoria al Forno

A tasty, quick breakfast at Disney World is the ideal way to start your day — unless you order the buttermilk pancakes from Trattoria al Forno at Disney's Boardwalk Resort. Shay Spence tried them out because they looked super yummy at first glance. However, the looks didn't match up with the taste and Disney World definitely made some mistakes with these pancakes

"They looked so good. Mine were really dry and bland, though," Spence explains. Dry and bland — now those are two qualities you never want in a pancake. As an alternative at Trattoria al Forno, Shay suggests ordering the eggs al forno, which are apparently incredible. 

Plant-based lobster roll from Rosie's All-American Cafe

Disney World has gotten on the vegan train in recent years and not all of their plant-based creations have turned out amazing. According to em.n.emily on TikTok, the worst food she ate in the entire park was the plant-based lobster roll from Rosie's All-American Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios. This vegan-friendly alternative to the seafood classic uses hearts of palm instead of real lobster, which does sound pretty good in theory. 

However, the bun was completely stale and the whole roll was nearly impossible to eat because bread gets hard when it's stale. "It had a bun that was so incredibly stale and flavorless that I couldn't even take a proper bite," the TikTok user vented. Once she got inside to the filling, it was devoid of all flavor and just disappointing on so many levels. There are lots of better vegan dishes to try around the parks, so just steer clear of this Disney food failure. 

Pineapple lumpia from Pongu Pongu

Even though this little Disney snack has been revered by many, two different creators on TikTok called out the pineapple lumpia from Pongu Pongu for being dreadfully underwhelming. The main difference between Filipino lumpia and egg rolls is that lumpia are thinner and can be made into a sweet version whereas egg rolls are typically savory. While a sweet egg roll does seem tasty, according to Kassie Mouse on TikTok, it was ruined by being made with "curdled cream cheese and canned pineapple."

Shay Spence didn't have a much higher opinion of the Animal Kingdom dish. "I thought it was really mushy and sad inside. I know people love this, but I do not," he stated. There is a mixed bag of reviews on this Disney dessert, however, you're better off sticking with only the best stuff on your trip. 

Chocolate hazelnut beignet from Les Halles

According to Shay Spence, the chocolate hazelnut beignet from Les Halles Boulangerie and Patisserie in Epcot's France pavilion just didn't live up to expectations. While he usually finds the baked goods from Les Halles to be fresh and tasty, these particular ones are dry and frigid. 

"It tasted like it had been sitting out for days," he said in a disappointed tone. "They were very generous with the filling, but it just wasn't enough to make up for it." That's the exact opposite experience of what you want from a beignet.