The 2024 Oscars' Dinner Spread Is Basic Yet Bougie

While the dietary preferences of celebrities are often closely watched by fans, from exclusives on Taylor Swift's favorite cocktail to foods Anthony Bourdain hated with a passion, there are few times when we get to know exactly what our favorite celebs are putting on their plates. However, thanks to Wolfgang Puck and the Oscars, the adoring public now knows exactly what Hollywood's A-Listers will be chowing down on after this year's Academy Awards.

The Austrian-American chef and food personality has publicly shared his menu for the 2024 Governors Ball, arguably the most famous after-party held every year following the Oscars. The 96th Academy Awards, which will take place on Sunday, March 10, 2024, will also mark the 30th anniversary of the Governors Ball, and it's up to Chef Puck to inspire the night's winners and console the losers with an expertly planned meal.

The food served at the Governors Ball this year includes many classic catering favorites, from smoked salmon bites to Wagyu burgers. The overall effect is basic yet bougie, designed to please a broad variety of stars with food that is high-quality but approachable enough to appeal to scores of hungry celebs. (If you've ever hosted a dinner party for ten friends with varying dietary restrictions, you can only imagine the diverse needs of 1,500 Hollywood actors.) But, whether vegan, flexitarian, or omnivorous, Wolfgang Puck will create bites to serve every palate.

What will celebs eat at the Oscars Governors Ball?

Wolfgang Puck Catering, which has arranged the food for all thirty Governors Ball events, will feed an astonishing 1,500 of Hollywood's crème de la crème this year. Savory foods will be split between buffet-style stations and small bites passed around by servers on trays. There will be a buffet with food inspired by Puck's Santa Monica French-Asian fusion restaurant Chinois on Main, as well as buffet stations serving wood-fired pizzas, paella, crispy rice, and Puck's fish and chips, which won the day at last year's event. As for the small bites, you can expect simple but luxe dishes like saffron rice, tuna tartare in miso cones, and caviar-topped tater tots.

And let's not fail to mention the Governors Ball desserts. In addition to their awards, guests can find gold "Oscar" figurines on top of chocolate eclairs, as part of a giant croquembouche, and likely throughout the dining experience. Dazzlingly realistic-looking chocolate cigars offer a campy touch while a gorgeous selection of desserts like kombucha pâte de fruits, raspberry cheesecake, and calamansi and caramel cream puffs provides a chic and tasty finish.

The wine will be French, from Clarendelle & Domaine, Clarence Dillon Bordeaux, and Fleur de Miraval — just the thing to pair with all those French pâtisseries.

Wolfgang Puck Catering's fan favorites

Since this is Wolfgang Puck Catering's 30th time handling the Governors Ball, guests can expect to appreciate some fan favorites from previous years. No matter if they win Oscar gold or not, any guest at the after-party will be free to grab one of the 5,000 24-karat gold-dusted Oscar statuettes made from Valrhona chocolate, a Governors Ball tradition.

Guests will be able to indulge in plenty of Puck's famous truffle-topped items, like the chicken pot pie and mac & cheese, both of which will be making a reappearance from previous years. The chicken pot pie with shaved truffle is a known favorite of one Barbra Streisand while Viola Davis prefers the mac & cheese. And many of the vegan dishes served at the party are the same that Joaquin Phoenix has raved about in the past. So it looks like no matter how the night ends, Hollywood will be well-fed on Sunday night.