The Salad Spinner Hack To Quickly Defrost Shrimp

As far as underrated kitchen gadgets go, the salad spinner is high on the list. If you're only using it to dry lettuce, you're missing out on numerous other possibilities. The salad spinner is adept at tasks ranging from preventing soggy watermelon cubes to quickly defrosting shrimp. It's particularly useful for thawing these crustaceans, as it does so without the risk of creating rubbery seafood — a common issue with microwave defrosting. Additionally, it's effective for shrimp of various sizes and types, from tiny salad additions to large jumbo shrimp, and is suitable for both raw and pre-cooked varieties.

To use this hack, you'll need a salad spinner, frozen shrimp, and some room-temperature water. An added advantage is that the spinner recycles the same water, reducing the waste associated with running water from the tap. Plus, with everything contained within the salad spinner, cleanup is minimal. So, don't hesitate to try this method the next time you have some store-bought frozen shrimp for dinner.

How to use the salad spinner hack

The process is straightforward, so don't anticipate any unnecessary or complex instructions. Simply place the frozen shrimp in the basket of the salad spinner, cover them with water, and spin until they become pliable. However, this method becomes less effective if you attempt to thaw too many shrimp at once, so avoid adding an entire bag simultaneously. If necessary, you can repeat the process in batches. While using warm water might be tempting, it's advised against, as it could initiate the cooking process. Room temperature or even cold water is preferable, as it will still be warmer than the frozen shrimp, effectively raising their temperature.

Once the shrimp are thoroughly defrosted, the salad spinner can also be utilized to dry them, ensuring they don't cause splattering in hot oil, or add excess moisture to your salad. Simply discard the water and give them another spin, just as you would with lettuce. Before long, the shrimp will be ready to devein, eliminating the need for wasteful paper towels.

Clean the salad spinner by hand or in the dishwasher, making sure to remove any debris like shrimp tails beforehand. While sanitizing isn't mandatory, it's recommended whenever tools typically reserved for ready-to-eat foods are used with raw meat (such as raw shrimp). So consider immersing each component in a sanitizing solution for one to five minutes. This solution can be made by mixing one tablespoon of bleach with a gallon of water.