How To Buy Olive Garden's Cheese Graters For Your Table

One of the best parts of going to Olive Garden is the ungodly amount of cheese you can request on any given dish, and now you can have that same experience at home. All you need to do is ask an employee, and they'll ring you up for around $15. 

There's nothing special about the handheld rotary cheese graters; They are pretty standard. Still, the novelty of being able to tell your dinner party guests that you got it from Olive Garden may be a draw for some fans of the restaurant.

The revelation that diners can buy the cheese graters went viral on TikTok, where several users shared videos detailing their experiences with acquiring the kitchen tools. Some lucky diners even left with cheese from the restaurant to take home and grate themselves, but of course, you can always grate your favorite cheeses like Parmesan or Parmigiano-Reggiano, at home.

Some locations may not sell the graters

However, it seems that not every Olive Garden location is quite so accommodating. "I worked at OG for like 8 months," writes one TikTok commenter. "We did not sell cheese graters. We didn't even have a way to ring them into the computer." Other users chimed in, sharing that they were turned down after requesting to purchase the kitchen tool at their local Olive Garden restaurants.


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Nevertheless, some locations are happy to sell them to those who ask. TikTok user Jordan The Stallion showed off his haul in a video after purchasing a grater and cheese. He gave a tutorial on how to use the tool, and the clip also revealed the brand that the restaurant chain uses. So, if your local Olive Garden is sold out after the online hype or you just don't want to ask your server, you can order a Zyliss Classic Cheese Grater online for around $23.

Other items are for sale, too

While the cheese graters are appealing, true Olive Garden fanatics can purchase so much more from the restaurant. Olive Garden also sells its house salad dressing and Italian seasoning blend, so you can cook up some copycat dishes in your own kitchen. You can also purchase bottles of wine and wine glasses. Some locations also sell sangria mixes and recipes for the drinks.

If you need coffee cups, creamer urns, and sugar caddies, the restaurant may have you covered there, too. One TikTok commenter, claiming to be a former waiter, jokes that "[T]hey will sell you anything that's not nailed down to [the] wall." However, even nails in the wall might not stop those who are determined to take home a piece of the restaurant. A self-identified former Olive Garden employee comments, "One of my managers sold a painting off the wall once."

If you're dining at Olive Garden and decide you want to take home a cheese grater or some décor from the restaurant, don't be afraid to ask your server for the price. You just might be able to enjoy your Olive Garden leftovers with some freshly grated Parmesan.