Think Beyond Your Basic Board: Introducing Charcuterie Cones

Now that we've all mastered the art of arranging delicious cheese boards, it's time to elevate our game with the next trendy way to serve charcuterie at a party: in handheld cones. While similar to mini charcuterie boards in offering individual servings, cones are a fantastic option in terms of portability. Guests can easily grab one and move along, without worrying about their prosciutto or fontina taking a tumble from their plate. After all, who wants to be tethered to a table while enjoying a quick snack?

Of course, another advantage of individual servings is that charcuterie snacks can be evenly distributed among guests, ensuring everyone gets a fair share of mortadella, gouda, and baguette. Even better, because the snacks are pre-portioned, charcuterie cones eliminate the need for serving utensils and messy buffet tables. It's no wonder these fun appetizers gained popularity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — and continue to gain traction today.

Charcuterie cones can be made in countless variations

Just like regular-sized charcuterie boards, cones are endlessly customizable to fit your event. For instance, your cones could be filled with the usual charcuterie snacks, like meats and cheeses. Alternatively, you could opt for fruit and cheese cones, or even veggie and dip cones. Options ranging from savory to sweet, or somewhere in-between, are all fair game.

Depending on your charcuterie choices and event theme, you might even swap out paper or reusable bamboo cones for the edible variety. Truly, a party couldn't get any better than waffle cones filled with all the breakfast fixings, an ice cream cone filled with little chocolates and pretzels, or a tortilla cone filled with your favorite pizza toppings. Yum.

No matter your chosen treats, however, be sure to include plenty of contrast in both flavor and texture — salty and sweet, crunchy and soft, etc. At the end of the day, charcuterie is all about creating fun, new pairings with everyday foods.

Tips for visually appealing charcuterie cones

To be clear, there's no single way to create charcuterie cones, but certain tricks can elevate your simple snacks into a show-stopping masterpiece. One such trick involves layering foods of different shapes and sizes, similarly to how you would arrange flowers for display. For instance, you might have taller treats — like pretzels, baguettes, or celery — interspersed with shorter snacks.

If your snack selection is lacking in height, you can also create the illusion with skewers. Stack your essential cured meats, fruits, or cheeses on skewers for not only visual appeal but also to pack more goodies into each cone. You might even use a spread, nuts, or seeds at the bottom of your cone as an edible stand-in for floral foam, perfect for holding everything in place.

Last but not least, add a few finishing touches as you might to a charcuterie board. Garnish your finished cones with complementary fresh herbs or even edible flowers. Your guests will appreciate not only the pop of color but also the unexpected burst of flavor.