Is It Hygienically Acceptable To Eat In The Shower?

No one bats an eye to the idea of multitasking in the shower — except, perhaps, when it comes to eating. Ever since American actress Jessica Biel said on TikTok that she wanted to start a "shower-eating movement," the idea of taking a bite of cereal under running water has divided much of the internet. 

For some, eating in the shower feels akin to brushing your teeth while bathing, another way to speed up your morning routine. For others, it feels sacrilegious to even think about bringing food to the bathroom. But, one serious question remains amidst the discourse: Will eating in the shower make me sick?


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While there aren't a lot of studies exploring the safety of eating in the bathroom, most scientists say there isn't reason to be too worried. Amesh Adalja, senior infectious diseases scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told ABC that your bathroom shouldn't be that much dirtier in comparison to the rest of your house. In fact, the National Science Foundation published a study in 2011 showing that kitchens are statistically more likely to have harmful pathogens, such as e. coli and salmonella, than your bathroom. Besides, people already shower with beer so what's adding a little food into the equation?

Just be careful as you eat in the shower

Despite the fact that your health won't be compromised from munching on an orange in the bathroom, there are a few precautions you must take if you're planning to eat in the shower. Unlike eating at a sturdy, dry table, consuming or putting foods under the slippery surface of a wet tub or bathroom counter might result in spills. You should be especially careful when handling hot foods under the shower as well, as you could burn yourself if an accident occurs.

You should also keep in mind that not all foods are going to hold up wonderfully under the humidity of a bath. While fruits can easily withstand a splash of water, baked goods such as bread or even a pastry will turn to mush if exposed to the shower stream for even a few seconds. Exercise caution as you bring your luxurious breakfast ideas for a lazy morning to the bath, and stick to simple meals that won't get ruined by water. Regardless of whether you partake in this movement or not, just remember to clean any spills. Moldy leftovers should be the last thing anyone wants in their bathroom.