Bobby Flay's Flavor Tip For Top-Tier Nachos On Super Bowl Sunday

There is perhaps no one better to turn to for Super Bowl Sunday snack inspiration than Bobby Flay. After all, the acclaimed Food Network star has hosted the Players Tailgate party for the past two years and returns as this year's host chef for the tenth-anniversary event. Certain foods are practically obligatory at any football game day party, including meatballs, chili, buffalo wings, and pigs in a blanket to name just a few. But it's a Mexican meal that ranks as one of America's favorite eats during the big game that Bobby Flay puts his special spin on — cheesy nachos. If you are planning to host your own "Super Bowl" watch party, his take on this winning finger food is sure to score you that coveted touchdown. Even his cat, aptly named Nacho, is a fan. 

When Flay invited Tasting Table into his home to film him making his Super Bowl nachos, he offered up a number of valuable tips for how to take the dish from ordinary to next-level greatness. His suggestions come together to create an uncommon yet punchy combo of tastes, temperature, and texture. These amount to including one or more fresh ingredients, incorporating a mix of sweet and sour flavors, and achieving just the right amount of spicy heat. This results in an unconventional presentation of nachos that are as different as they are delicious.

The key is balanced flavors and textures in Flay's Super Bowl nachos

For the freshness factor, Bobby Flay adds an unusual vegetable — Brussels sprouts. He thinly slices the sprouts, then quickly browns them in a hot pan seasoned with salt and pepper. For a sweet and sour element, he makes pickled red onions brined with vinegar and lime, and surprisingly, a touch of grenadine, which adds that burst of sweetness. And for the perfect level of heat, Flay opts for slices of raw Fresno chili peppers. Fruity, sweet, and smoky, Fresnos can be slightly hotter than jalapeños, and their bright red skin adds an appetizing pop of color to the dish.

Flay makes his Super Bowl nachos on a base of blue corn tortilla chips that get briefly warmed in the oven. If you're starting with an opened bag, there's a microwave hack that will make tortilla chips crispy again. As for the cheese, Flay doesn't load them up with heavy, goopy cheeses; instead, he makes a homemade Muenster cheese sauce that he lightly coats the chips with, layering it in among the stacked ingredients. You can make your own version of a queso fundido recipe to drizzle on too. To finish, he adds fresh cilantro leaves and chopped green onions for a pop of brightness. You also can't go wrong with toppings like salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. For meatier take on these vegetarian nachos, try adding sauteed shrimp.

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