Extra Eggs Are The Secret To Better Boxed Brownies

Many home bakers have their own personal twist on the classic boxed brownie. While these desserts are simple to make and tasty in their own right, there are a number of ways you can spice up the recipe without ruining the flavor. Some people make box brownies fancier with a flavorful oil swap, while others prefer to drizzle in extra chocolate chips (after all, you can never have too much chocolate). But one extra step you should not miss out on is incorporating extra egg yolks beyond what the boxed mix calls for.

During baking, the high fat and protein content in the yolk of an egg typically translates into an enhanced flavor and fudgier mouthfeel. These attributes are ideal for brownies where the texture should never be crumbly or dry. The basic brownie recipe already calls for eggs to be mixed into the batter, but adding extras really takes your sweet treat up a notch.

Skip the egg whites for melt-in-your-mouth results

While it might seem more convenient to just plop a whole egg into your boxed brownie batter, going through the trouble of separating the whites from the yolks actually makes a difference. In baking, egg whites are typically used for their ability to fluff up baked goods while maintaining their shape. For this reason, most recipes utilize egg whites in pillowy desserts such as sponge cakes and French macarons — which are, texturally, the exact opposite of a thick, dense brownie.

Unless you want your brownies to come out of the oven resembling a chocolate cake (not necessarily a bad thing, but not the point of this recipe usually), put aside your egg whites in a separate container and only incorporate yolks into the brownie batter. But save the whites as you can whip up them into an airy merengue or frosting that could pair excellently with brownies.

If you don't feel like preparing another accoutrement on top of the box brownies, you can always refrigerate egg whites to use for another time. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends keeping leftover egg whites for up to four days in the fridge, so plan accordingly so they don't go to waste.

Boost box brownies even further by seasoning your batter

Should you truly want to take the flavors of your box brownies to the next level, don't stop just adding more egg yolks; but also incorporate a few seasonings, too. Many home cooks accentuate the flavor of chocolate with a sprinkle of salt, so a dash of this popular condiment could do wonders when contrasted with the fudgy flavors of brownies. Cinnamon and vanilla are also other baking spices commonly paired with chocolate that could fare well in your homemade treats.

You don't have to limit yourself to just salt and other common spices, either. Chilis are generally considered the spicy secret ingredient that elevates brownies, while a dash of cardamom could easily add some complexity into the simple flavors of boxed batter. Experiment with all the flavors available at your disposal, but always remember to mix in your spices, eggs, and box brownie mix thoroughly. The last thing you'd want in a brownie are pockets of flour and spice.